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Faculty Awards

We are honored and humbled to have such an outstanding group of people as part of our Department of Family Medicine team here at the University of Kansas Medical Center. These awards briefly touch on the prestige and care of faculty members who continuously display the vision and mission of our care.

The Rainbow Award - The distinguished Rainbow Award honors those individuals who exemplify the attributes of professionalism in medicine and share those qualities with the students whom they mentor. The Rainbow Award recipient is nominated and selected by the medical students and represents those characteristics that future physicians hope to possess one day.

2015-2016: Dr. Joseph LeMaster

2013-2014: Dr. Michael Kennedy

2008-2009: Dr. Mark Meyer

2002-2003: Dr. Belinda Vail

Nason Family Award for Excellence in Family Medicine Education at the University of Kansas Medical School. The awardee recieves this honor with recognition from students and coworkers for their outstanding passion in teaching others.

2019: Dr. Joseph LeMaster

2018: Dr. Patricia Fitzgibbons

2015: Dr. James Birch

Nason Family Award Ceremony 2019 nasonbirch
2019: Dr. Joseph LeMaster 2018: Dr. Patricia Fitzgibbons 2015: Dr. James Birch

Ruth Bohan Teaching Professorship - The Ruth Bohan Teaching Professorship is the most prestigious teaching award in the School of Medicine. The award recognizes excellence in teaching and seeks to continue the tradition of outstanding education in the medical school.

2018: Dr. K. Allen Greiner

2007: Dr. Belinda Vail                        

Dr. Tomas Griebling, Dr. K. Allen Greiner, Dr. Robert Simari

The Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award - This award recognizes and rewards demonstrated teaching ability of a clearly superlative nature. The award is given to a faculty member who contributes to the University and its students through excellence and outstanding classroom teaching.

2019: Dr. Michael Kennedy

2018: Dr. Mark Meyer

Lifetime Achievement in Mentoring Award - also called "The Jayhawk". This esteemed award recognize faculty members who demonstrate an exceptional commitment to mentoring the School's junior faculty, residents and post-doctoral students. Nominated by their colleagues and learners, the recipient recognizes the vital role that mentoring plays in developing the next generation of medical educators.

2018: Dr. Belinda Vail

Marjorie S. Sirridge Award - This award is given to acknowledge the contributions and accomplishments of women faculty in the KU School of Medicine, School of Nursing and the School of Health Professions. KUMC WIMS honors Dr. Sirridge by presenting this award to deserving women who manifest Dr. Sirridge's ideals.                                                                                                                                                                    

2018: Dr. Belinda Vail

Dr. Robert Simari, Dr. Belinda Vail, Dr Dianne Durham

Patricia A. Thomas Diversity & Inclusion Award

2017: Dr. Crystal Lumpkins

Kansas City Region Home Care Association: Outstanding Physician Award

2015: Dr. James Birch

Faculty Travel Award, KUMC Research Institute

2015: Dr. Sarah Marks




Last modified: Dec 04, 2019