Joy McCann Professorship for Women in Medicine

2013-2016 Joy McCann Professor for Women in Medicine and Science

Mary Zimmerman

Mary K. Zimmerman, PhD
Joy McCann Professor in Medicine and Science
Professor of Health Policy and Management, and PhD Program Director

Main Phone: (913) 588-2688

Dr. Mary Zimmerman was named the newest recipient of the University of Kansas Joy McCann Professorship for Women in Medicine by Doug Girod, MD, Executive Vice Chancellor, KU Medical Center and Acting Executive Dean, KU School of Medicine. Dr. Zimmerman's term will run July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2016. Dr. Zimmerman is one of four women in the United States who hold the honor of being a Joy McCann Professor in Women in Medicine.

Dr. Zimmerman's vision for the McCann professorship is to inspire, advance, and highlight the careers of women faculty at KUMC. McCann visiting speakers will be drawn from distinguished scholars in clinical medicine, basic science and public health related research.  They will talk about their work and provide inspiration and career insight with ample opportunity for informative dialogue between speaker and audience. There will also be a more informal McCann series, "Conversation with..." scheduled several times during the year.  Dr. Zimmerman aims to explore additional resources and ideas for professional development for WIMS by utilizing a national network of scholars examining gender and strategies for the advancement of women scientists in higher education and academic medicine.  Finally, Dr. Zimmerman plans to shine the McCann Spotlight on KUMC departments, recognizing women faculty members and highlighting a particular KUMC faculty member in that department each month via an e-newsletter. It is the intent of Dr. Zimmerman to collaborate with and further support WIMS through the resources of her professorship.

Professorship Annual Programs or Projects

  • The Joy McCann Visiting Professor Lecture Series  Learn more HERE


In 2002 a "gift" was made to the Kansas University Endowment Association (KUEA) by Joy McCann Culverhouse and Robert Daugherty, MD, through the Joy McCann Foundation on behalf of the University of Kansas School of Medicine Women in Medicine and Science (WIMS) Program. The gift, administered through the Joy McCann Foundation funds a professorship for women in medicine and science. There are only four like it in the United States.

The award recognizes a faculty member who demonstrates outstanding leadership and mentoring of students, residents, and fellow faculty members.

The award is given for a term of three years and may or may not be renewed for a maximum of six years. As a Joy McCann Professor, the recipient will receive an annual award from the professorship "fund" income of $30,000.  The fund is to be used to encourage, inspire and reward women faculty in their academic careers and support the recipient's "program plan" for three years.  The interview process will be the opportunity for candidates to explain how they would use the funds in support of their program plan.  The School of Medicine, Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development in the Executive Dean's office oversees the budget and approval for spending.

From this award, twenty-five percent (25%) of the award is given as a state salary supplement and is to be used for personal programming or professional development support. The other seventy-five percent (75%) of the award must be used to develop and fund new women's programs or McCann sponsored programs that will accomplish the overall goals of: increasing the visibility of women faculty, integrating women fully at all levels of the faculty and enhancing collaboration among women and various programs at the University of Kansas School of Medicine or within the KUMC community.

Named as the Program Consultant of the Women in Medicine and Science (WIMS) Organization at KU-SOM, the recipient will be asked to, a) provide an action plan to the WIMS Executive Committee by August 1st each year for projects or programs that will be carried out by the WIMS organization during the three-year Professorship term in support of the vision presented during the interview process, (Money for these activities will come from the Joy McCann Professorship award as defined in the professorship gift to KUMC endowment.), b) serve as a member of the WIMS Executive Council, and c) provide a yearly progress report to the WIMS President in the fall for inclusion in the WIMS Annual Report.

The primary criterion for selection will be evidence of mentoring and leadership in medicine (including: teaching, research and patient care) or science, with priority for the recruitment or retention of excellent women faculty members.

The income from the Daugherty Professorship fund will be used to support the recipient's program for three years.

Joy McCann Professorship Nomination Process


Previous University of Kansas Joy McCann Professors

Kim Templeton 2003 - 2006
Kimberly Templeton, MD, Associate Professor
Y Wan
2007 - 2010
Yu-Jui Yvonne Wan, Ph.D. Professor
S Pingleton
2010 - 2013
Susan K. Pingleton, MD, FACP, Master Fellow, ACCP


For questions about the Joy McCann Professorship please contact Krista Wimberly, Assistant Director for Faculty Affairs and Development.

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Joy McCann Professorship

The McCann Professorship promotes and collaborates with the Women in Medicine & Science Program.

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