KU SOM Executive Dean's Distinguished Mentoring Awards

The Call for 2015 Mentoring Award Nominations will be sent in May. The awards will be presented at the 2015 Annual Faculty Retreat scheduled for August 7. 

The Executive Dean of the KU School of Medicine formally launched the SOM Executive Dean's distinguished mentoring awards in the summer of 2006 honoring outstanding mentors chosen annually as a part of the Faculty Mentoring Program. Participation in mentoring junior faculty members is evaluated in the Annual Faculty Assessment and is a criterion in review by departmental and SOM Promotion and Tenure Committees, particularly for promotion to Professor.

Three Distinguished Mentoring Awards recognize a responsibility to faculty development through partnering and rewarding scholars and professionals who exemplify a deep commitment to fostering the professional growth of our junior faculty members. Two additonal award categories were created in 2010 to recognize and reward faculty who mentor residents or post-docs.

Eligibility is based upon the award criteria and honors persons who have demonstrated a commitment to mentoring and who strive for excellence in all their activities, give selflessly to their students, their colleagues, their personal careers and their patients...still finding time to "give a leg up" to the careers of  junior faculty colleagues, residents or post-docs. The faculty of the School of Medicine believes that mentoring is critical to faculty vitality and mentoring helps form a foundation for development of the next generation of medical educators: our heroes in the profession, our master teachers and role models.

Honorees receive:

  • The honor of being one of our Distinguished Mentors and recognition on the Distinguished Mentor Wall in the School of Medicine
  • Recognition at the Annual Faculty Retreat
  • A trophy signifying the honoree as a Distinguished Mentor
  • A $1,500 financial award to be used at the discretion of the Honoree

Categories for Faculty Who Mentor Junior Faculty

Three different awards are currently available.  For criteria and nomination packet information click the award best suited for the individual being nominated.

  • Honorary Mentoring Award

    For any non-KU SOM faculty member who has mentored one or more junior faculty members in the KU SOM for two years or more. These individuals can be faculty members anywhere else or professional members of the community.

Categories for Faculty Who Mentor Residents or Post-docs

Two awards are currently available. For criteria and nomination packet information, click the award best suited for the individual being nominated.

Last modified: Jan 26, 2015
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School of Medicine Faculty Mentoring Awards

This year's awards will be presented at the Annual School of Medicine Faculty Retreat on August 16, 2013..

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