Prepare For Your First Annual Assessment

  • Begin by Understanding Ranks & Tracks.
    Know which track you are on and your academic rank (or academic title) which are different from your working or administrative titles and how this information is necessary to understand how to earn promotion and tenure.
  • Schedule a personal appointment with Dianne Durham, PhD
    Dianne Durham, PhD, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Development and Laura Jennemann, Director, are available to discuss faculty affairs and governance issues, and can help you prepare for promotion.
  • Preview the Annual Assessment of Faculty Members
    Know what is expected and on what criteria you will be evaluated annually. Discuss any questions with your chair, division director, mentor or the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development. The Annual Assessment summary integrates with the Promotion and Tenure (P&T) documentation towards your first promotion.


Where to go next

Select the next step based upon your needs:


It is imperative that faculty members review the official KU School of Medicine Guidelines for Promotion and Tenure, as well as the Promotion and Tenure website which are the definitive resources for promotion and tenure. Questions and suggestions regarding this site should be directed to Dianne Durham, PhD, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development, Professor of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery.

Last modified: Jan 26, 2015