KUMC Annual Campus-Wide Leadership Series: January - May

This monthly series of 5 lecture/lunch presentations ran for ten years between January and May and was open to any employee on the KUMC campus. The theme "Stories of Leaders: How They Do or Did It" offered speakers and panels of presenters from across our KUMC campus, from the Kansas City area or nationally. Videos recordings are available, send your request to Marty McLaughlin, Associate Director of Professional Development & Faculty Affairs at mmclaughlin@kumc.edu 

The Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development Campus Wide Leadership Series grew in popularity every year serving over 640 participants in the spring of 2007 to full house audiences with an average range of 200 to 230 per session by its last year in 2012. According to Robert M. Klein, PhD, "The leadership series was one of our most consistently well attended programs. The 2012 Spring Series live up to its reputation."

If you would like to see this series return in the spring of 2014, please send suggestions for topics or speakers to Marty McLaughlin at mmclaughlin@kumc.edu.

Our goal with the series is to teach people, through the stories of other's experiences, how to be leaders. We look for three basic components in a Campus-Wide Leadership Series presentation.

  • First, we ask presenters to "tell their story"-- their background; what drives them; who their mentors were or who inspired them along the way; and what obstacles they had to overcome and how they overcame them to reach their level of success.
  • Second, "address their personal leadership style" -- present the challenges and solutions to keeping everyone focused on the goal simultaneous to overcoming inherited handicaps in their business or life's dream; obstacles and limitations imposed on the job or task at hand; public relations and scrutiny; the challenges one faces from a diverse world; and two or three tips about their personal methods, style or philosophy about how to lead a team to success. 
  • Lastly and for the majority of the presentation we ask them to provide a unique focus from their own field or business, whatever that may be.

The series is co-sponsored by the University of Kansas Hospital, KUMC-Human Resources, University of Kansas Physicians, Inc., University of Kansas Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Health Professions plus the Office of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education. All events are offered at no cost to the participants, and lunch is provided to the first 125. All events are from 12:00 - 1:00 p.m..

TARGET AUDIENCE: All employees on the KUMC and Westwood Campus

Last modified: Nov 27, 2013