Contents of a Teaching Portfolio

Contents as recommended by Center for Teaching Excellence

(Items proceeded by an asterisk are minimum expectations for most portfolios). The CTE recommends placing lengthy materials in an accompanying appendix with only a brief description in the main document.

  1. Roles, Responsibilities, and Goals
    * statement describing teaching roles & responsibilities
    * reflective statement of teaching goals and approaches (i.e. a teaching philosophy)
    * list of courses taught, with enrollments and comments regarding whether course is new, team- taught, etc.
    * Number of graduate and undergraduate advisees
  2. Representative Course Materials
    * Syllabi
    * Course descriptions with details of content, objectives, methods, and procedures for evaluating student learning
    - Reading lists
    - Assignments
    - Exams & quizzes, graded & ungraded
    - Handouts, problem sets, lecture outlines
    - Descriptions & examples of visual materials used
    - Descriptions of uses of computers & other technology in teaching
  3. Materials Showing the Extent of Student Learning
    * Scores on standardized or other tests, before and after instruction
    * Students' lab books or other workbooks
    * Students' papers, essays, or creative works
    * Graded work from the best and poorest students
    * Examples of your written feedback on student work
  4. Evaluations of Teaching
    * Summarized student evaluations of teaching, including response rate and relationship to the departmental average
    * Results of student exit interviews
    * Comments from a peer observer or a colleague teaching the same course
    * Statements from colleagues in the department or elsewhere, regarding the preparation of students for advanced work
    - Letters from students, preferably unsolicited
    - Letter from division head or chairperson
    - Letter from an external reviewer who has seen other elements of your documentation
    - Statements from alumni
    - Statements from employers
  5. Contributions to Your Institution or Profession
    - Service on teaching committees
    - Development of student apprentice/internship programs
    - Assistance to colleagues on teaching matters
    - Reviews of forthcoming textbooks
    - Publications in teaching journals
    - Work on curriculum revision or development
    - Obtaining funds/equipment for teaching labs, programs
    - Participation in training programs for teaching assistants
  6. Activities to Improve Instruction
    - Participation in seminars or professional meetings about teaching
    - Design of new courses
    - Design of interdisciplinary or collaborative courses or teaching projects
    - Use of new methods of teaching, assessing learning, grading
    - Preparation of a textbook, lab manual, courseware, etc.
    - Description of instructional improvement projects developed or carried out
  7. Honors or Recognitions
    - Teaching awards from department, college, or university
    - Teaching awards from your profession
    - Invitations based on teaching reputation to consult, give workshops, write articles, etc.
    - Requests for advice about teaching by committees or other organized groups

Others (e.g. Boileau, 1993; and Seldin & Assoc., 1993) recommend using 3 categories of material:

  1. Products of teaching
  2. Material from oneself
  3. Material from others

Still others (e.g. Murray, 1995) have advocated six categories of information:

  1. What one teaches
  2. Who one teaches
  3. Why one teaches them
  4. How one's philosophy of education influences the design of courses & the choice of teaching strategies
  5. Assessment of one's teaching effectiveness
  6. A plan for improving one's teaching effectiveness

Note that none of these formats include information on non-instructional academic activities such as research in the discipline, authoring textbooks in the discipline, extension activities (such as clinical work), etc. The teaching portfolio can be included with in a broader work, however, such as an "academic" or "career" portfolio.

Last modified: Nov 15, 2012