Changing Academic Tracks

As described in the guidelines for promotion and tenure, the School of Medicine has various tracks to accommodate the different career pathways of faculty members and a system of regular review to monitor professional development.

As careers develop, situations may arise where a change of track is appropriate. The decision to change track must be made after full consideration of alternatives and consequences of the change. The change process must comply with University regulations. As described in the policy statement, changes of track require written approval of the faculty member, departmental chair, and Executive Dean. Wichita-based faculty members must also obtain the permission of the Dean of the Wichita campus.

The University policy on change from the tenure to Clinical Scholar track requires that the change be completed prior to the end of the fifth year of the probationary period. This regulation is strictly enforced. To complete the process within the time frame, requests for transfer from the tenure to Clinical Scholar track must be submitted to the Office of the Executive Dean during the fifth year of the probationary period by June 1st.

Please contact the FAD office for additional information.  

Last Updated January 26, 2015

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