Instructions for Completing Annual Faculty Assessment Summary

The purpose of the Faculty Assessment Summary form is to provide to the Executive Dean (or Dean of the Wichita campus) a synopsis of the annual assessment of each faculty member. The form provides essential data for discussion between the departmental chair and appropriate Dean concerning the status and plans for individuals and, collectively, for the faculty members of each department. Department chairs are responsible for the completion of the Faculty Assessment Summary form for every faculty member with 0.5 FTE or greater commitment to the School of Medicine. The exception is a faculty member who has 0.5 FTE or greater, but has been employed in your department less than SIX months.  

Forms must be received in the Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development office by Friday, April 25, 2014.

The 2013 Annual Faculty Assessment Summary will available soon. The space for each category (teaching, scholarship & research, professional service, academic service and administration) should be adjusted as needed to accommodate the differing levels of activity in each area by individual faculty members. The last page must be signed by both the faculty member and chair to validate agreement on the summary content.

To the extent possible, both the assessment of activities during the review period and those for the upcoming year should be based on measurable objectives such that over time, annual evaluations provide a logical and comprehensive picture of career development.

Annual Faculty Assessment forms will be returned to the department if any applicable section of the form is not filled out completely.

Last updated: January 17, 2014

Last modified: Jan 12, 2015