Annual Assessment of Faculty Members

The Annual Faculty Assessment must be completed for each faculty member and returned to the Faculty Affairs and Development (FAD) office in Kansas City (or Dean of the Wichita campus) by Monday, June 1, 2015. The Dean on the Wichita Campus will forward copies of signed Annual Assessments for his faculty to the Executive Dean in Kansas City. The new templates will be available by Monday, February 2, 2015. 

As described in the following policy document, departmental chairs are required to provide to the Executive Dean (or Dean of the Wichita campus) an annual assessment on all faculty members having at least 0.5 FTE commitment to the School of Medicine. This requirement includes faculty on ALL tracks. The exception is a faculty member who has 0.5 FTE or greater, but has been employed in your department less than SIX months.  This assessment must be based on both a self-assessment by the faculty member and the assessment of the departmental chair and must include a formal interview as described in the policy.

The School has developed an assessment form and requires departments to develop documentation systems specific to their needs such that an appropriate and accurate record of the evaluation is retained by the faculty member and department.

In October 2007 the Kansas Board of Regents added a section to the KBOR Policy Manual addressing Annual Faculty Assessment.  A key statement from the policy follows:

"The Board further recognizes that faculty evaluation should be a participatory, cooperative and continuing process. Given varied faculty responsibilities and specializations among and within disciplines, the evaluation process should provide for faculty participation in the preparation of evaluation guidelines. Therefore, the process should be as localized as possible in order to adapt criteria and procedures to individual or departmental circumstances."

The form is standardized to verify that the School meets the University requirement to provide annual evaluations to all faculty members. The completed Annual Faculty Assessment must be signed by both the departmental chair and the faculty member to verify the information and meet legal requirements. Even if the faculty member does not agree with the Chair's assessment/comments, the faculty member must sign and date the form.  The faculty member is required to attach a signed detailed letter of explanation if she/he indicates a substantial disagreement with the overall assessment. The Annual Faculty Assessment has been developed based on feedback from chairs and faculty members.

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Questions about reviews for this year and feedback on improving the process should be sent to Krista Wimberly.

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