The School of Medicine Faculty


The faculty consists of all individuals with faculty appointments in the School of Medicine. Voting is restricted to faculty members with appointments of 50 percent time or more.
Duties the faculty is responsible for:

  • To establish the general goals of the educational policies of the School of Medicine relative to student admission, curricular requirements, promotions, graduation and other educational activities;
  • To make recommendations to the Executive Dean about the impact on educational programs of changes in the conduct of clinical practice and scientific research in facilities used by the School;
  • To make recommendations to the Executive Dean regarding policies for allocation of School of Medicine resources;
  • To establish criteria for promotion and/or tenure in accordance with the Handbook for Faculty and Other Unclassified Staff;
  • To elect four delegates-at-large to the Faculty Council who shall also be members of the Executive Committee;
  • To elect all members to the Standing Committees of the Faculty Council except those specified to be appointed by the Executive Dean or Dean of the Wichita campus; and

To be the approving body for all changes in the School of Medicine Faculty Bylaws.


The business of the faculty is usually conducted through the formal committees and groups that comprise the faculty governance structure. The entire faculty, however, assembles to conduct business under three circumstances.

The Annual Meeting is required in the Fall of each year with at least one month's notice of time, place and agenda. The meeting considers formal reports presented by each of the standing committees and the Executive Dean.

Special Meetings may be called by the Executive Committee, the Faculty Council, Executive Dean, Executive Vice Chancellor, or a group of at least 20 voting faculty members. A group of faculty seeking to call a special meeting of the entire faculty must present a signed petition. Special meetings require at least one week's notice of time, place and agenda.

Emergency Meetings may be called by the Executive Committee with two day's notice to deal with a specific and urgent issue.

A quorum of 20 percent of the voting faculty is required to conduct business at meetings of the full faculty.

Further Information

Laura Jennemann
Faculty Affairs and Development

Office of Academic Affairs keeps lists of faculty and the Executive Dean for the School of Medicine is responsible for the agendas of faculty meetings.

For more detailed information regarding the Medical Faculty, view the Bylaws.

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