Research Committee

The Research Committee represents the Faculty in matters concerning policies and procedures governing the conduct of research.


  • Five members of basic science departments
  • Four members of clinical departments (at least one from the Wichita campus)
  • One medical student (observer)
  • Senior Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies (non-voting, ex-officio)

Eligibility is restricted to individuals who have held an extramural research grant within the three years preceding the time of election. No more than two members of the Research Committee may be from a single department.

Committee Members 2016-17

Research Committee

CS Jeff Burns Neurology ‘17
BS Doug Wright Anatomy ‘17
BS Brenda Rongish Anatomy ‘17
CS Jinxi Wang Orthopedic Surgery ‘18
BS Dan Dixon Cancer Biology ‘18
CS Atta Nawabi Surgery ‘18
BS Alexey Ladokhin Biochemistry ‘19
CS Sean Kumer Surgery ‘19
BS - Wichita Lisette Jacobson Preventive Med - WI ‘19



  • Facilitate communications concerning research-related issues between the faculty and the administration;
  • Provide advice on policies regarding research programs;
  • Collect data on space utilization and when requested provide advice on allocation of research space;
  • Perform peer review and provide advice on use of intramural research funds;
  • Assist in the planning and provide advice on implementation of programs to enhance the research environment; and
  • Report its recommendations to the Executive Dean and/or the Executive Committee.


Committee meets on a regular basis.

Further Information

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For more detailed information regarding the Research Committee, view the Bylaws.

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