Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I be concerned about faculty governance?

Faculty governance is concerned with issues that influence the basic functions of every faculty member such as what is taught and how the educational programs are designed, the conduct of research, academic promotion, and the criteria for entering and graduating from the School. Faculty governance provides a direct voice for every faculty member in the fundamental processes of the School.

Why is it so complicated?

Approximately 3000 persons hold some type of faculty appointment in the School, much of the business of the School is very complex, and the faculty has a long tradition of academic freedom and active involvement in the policies and procedures of the School. The system attempts to provide adequate representation of very diverse constituencies yet conduct business in the best interests of the entire School.

How can I learn what really happens?

The best ways to learn about the system are to talk to your departmental representative on the committee or council of interest and attend meetings. The minutes of all groups are public and are available on websites or from the committee chair. Faculty Council meeting minutes are here and Executive Committee meeting minutes are here. View departmental delegates on the Faculty Council Roster

How do I get involved?

As a faculty member you are already involved - the committees and groups are making recommendations and taking actions on your behalf about issues that could affect you very profoundly. If you want to be one of those participating in the action, balance the demands of service with your other responsibilities. You need to be prepared to contribute to the committee and have some motivation for service. In general:

  • Select the committee or council that deals with your area of greatest interest
  • Talk to your departmental representative and current committee members
  • Discuss the pros and cons of service with your mentor and chair
  • Check that you meet criteria or conditions for committee membership

Faculty members can self-nominate for election or be nominated by colleagues. The call for nominations for election to councils and committees is usually made in March - see Elections Committee.

View PDF of Bylaws here.

Last modified: May 15, 2017