Executive Committee

The Executive Committee conducts the day to day business of the faculty. Duties include acting as liaison between faculty and administration, implementation of recommendations from Faculty Council, advisor to the Executive Dean for a variety of situations, and decide Faculty Council agendas and Faculty Retreat content.

2017-18 Members 

Member's Name Member's Role term ends
Robert Simari, MD          Executive Committee Chair
Garold Minns, MD Dean SOM Wichita Campus
William Cathcart-Rake, MD Dean Salina Campus
Joshua Mammen, MD, PhD Faculty Council Chair 08/31/18
David Becker, MD Faculty Council Vice-Chair 08/31/18
Hartmut Jaeschke, PhD KC BS Chair Representative 08/31/19
TBD KC CS Chair Representative 08/31/20
Talal Khan, MD KC CS Chair Representative 08/31/18
TBD Wichita Chair Representative 08/31/20
Lisette Jacobson, PhD At-Large Member (Wichita) 08/31/19
Jessica Williams, PhD At-Large Member (BS) 08/31/20
Chad Slawson, PhD At-Large Member (BS)  08/31/20
Joshua Mammen, MD, PhD At-Large Member (CS) 08/31/18
Leigh Eck, MD Chair, Academic Committee 08/31/18
Dee Lochmann, MD Chair, Election Committee 08/31/18
TBD Chair, Education Council 08/31/18
Lisette Jacobson, PhD  Chair, SOM Research Committee 08/31/18
Warren Nothnick, PhD Chair, KC APT Committee 08/31/18
Donna Sweet, MD Chair, Wichita APT Committee 08/31/18


School of Medicine Executive Committee of the Faculty Council Agendas and Minutes

2017-18 Agendas, Meeting Minutes and Committee Reports

    • September 13, 2017
    • November 29, 2017
    • January 10, 2018
    • March 28, 2018
    • May 9, 2018

2016-17 Agendas, Meeting Minutes and Committee Reports

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