Executive Committee

The Executive Committee conducts the day to day business of the faculty.


  • Departmental chairs (3 Kansas City, 1 Wichita)
  • Leaders of the Faculty Council (chair, chair-elect, vice chair & vice chair elect)
  • Chairs of standing committees
  • The four elected members-at-large of the Faculty Council
  • Executive Dean (ex officio)
  • Dean of the Wichita Campus (ex officio)
  • Director of the Salina Campus (ex officio)


The broad scope of the Executive Committee includes:

  • Serve through the Executive Dean as liaison between the faculty and the administration of the Medical Center;
  • Be responsible for overseeing the implementation of recommendations of the Faculty Council;
  • Present recommendations of the Executive Committee to the Faculty Council for action;
  • Distribute minutes of the Executive Committee to the Faculty Council in a timely fashion;
  • Advise the Executive Dean on matters concerning the welfare and function of the School of Medicine;
  • Receive and consider reports of the Standing Committees;
  • Recommend to the Executive Dean names of faculty members and qualified individuals from outside the University who might serve on search committees or on ad hoc committees;
  • Participate in the selection of the Executive Dean in accordance with the Handbook for Faculty and Other Unclassified Staff;
  • Receive from the Executive Dean the report of the review of each academic department (including a summary of the recommendations and actions taken) which shall be done at least every five years; and
  • Call meetings of the Faculty Council.

The Executive Committee meets every other month. The agenda is prepared by Executive Dean in consultation with Chair of Faculty Council. Ten voting members are required for a quorum.

Committee Members 2016 - 17

Member's Name Member's Role term ends
Robert Simari, MD          Executive Committee Chair
Garold Minns, MD Dean SOM Wichita Campus
William Cathcart-Rake, MD Dean Salina Campus
David Duchene, MD Faculty Council Chair 08/31/17
Joshua Mammen, MD Faculty Council Vice-Chair 08/31/17
Hartmut Jaeschke, PhD KC BS Chair Representative 08/31/19
John Sutphin, MD KC CS Chair Representative 08/31/17
Talal Khan, MD KC CS Chair Representative 08/31/18
Jon Schrage, MD Wichita Chair Representative 08/31/17
Lisette Jacobson, PhD At-Large Member (Wichita) 08/31/19
Beth Levant, PhD At-Large Member (BS) 08/31/17
Joseph Fontes, PhD At-Large Member (BS)  08/31/17
Joshua Mammen, MD, PhD At-Large Member (CS) 08/31/18
Carrie Francis, MD Chair, Academic Committee 08/31/17
Ossama Tawfik, MD, PhD Chair, Election Committee 08/31/17
Wolfram Zueckert, PhD Chair, Education Council 08/31/17
Dan Dixon, PhD  Chair, SOM Research Committee 08/31/17
Ann Davis, PhD, MPH Chair, KC APT Committee 08/31/17
Donna Sweet, MD Chair, Wichita APT Committee 08/31/18


School of Medicine Executive Committee of the Faculty Council Agendas and Minutes


Agendas, Meeting Minutes and Committee Reports

Additional Information or Questions:

Krista Wimberly
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For more detailed information regarding the Executive Committee, view the Bylaws (page 22).

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