Education Council

The Education Council and its two committees are concerned with all aspects of the content and conduct of the School's educational programs.


Faculty members appointed by the Dean serve three-year terms. Faculty members elected from the Curriculum Oversight Subcommittees, student members, and the Chair of the Education Council serve one-year terms. There is no limit on the number of consecutive terms that may be served.

  • Five faculty members appointed by the Executive Dean, three of which will be from the Kansas City campus, two will be from the Wichita campus;
  • Four elected faculty members: two elected by and from the Phase I Curriculum Oversight Subcommittee, and two elected by and from the Phase II Curriculum Oversight Subcommittee
  • Five students, selected by their peers: one Phase I student and one Phase II student from the Kansas City campus, one Phase I student and one Phase II student from the Wichita campus, and one Phase II student from the Salina campus
  • Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education
  • Associate Dean for Student Affairs (Kansas City Campus) (ex officio, non-voting)
  • Associate Dean for Student and Academic Affairs (Wichita Campus) (ex officio, non-voting)
  • Associate Dean for Medical Education (ex officio, non-voting)
  • Director of the Salina Campus (ex officio, non-voting)

Committee Members 2015-16

Education Council (Note: At large positions are filled by the Dean’s appointment)

Voting Members Department Membership Type Term
Joseph Fontes  Biochemistry  Phase I Rep '16
Wolfram Zueckert Microbiology Phase I Rep '16
William Gabrielli, Jr. Psychiatry Phase II Rep '16
Heather Anderson Neurology Phase II Rep '16
John Wood  Physiology At-Large  '17
Gerard Brungardt Internal Med - W At-Large - Wichita '17
Moben Mirza  Urology At-Large  '18
Mark Harrison Pediatrics - Wichita At-Large - Wichita '16
Dan Swagerty Family Medicine At-Large  '16
Glen Cox Health Policy Mgmt  SOM Sr Assoc Dean '16
Cole McGregor MS2 Phase I Student - KC '16 
Jocelyn Mattoon MS2 Phase I Student - Wichita '16
Eliot Hill MS4 Phase II Student - KC '16
Cooper Nickel MS3 Phase II Student - Wichita '16
Scott Rempel Phase II Student - S '16
Nonvoting Members Ex-Officio
Giulia Bonaminio Family Medicine Assoc Dean for Med Ed - KC '16
William Cathcart-Rake Internal Medicine Dean SOM - Salina '16
Mark Meyer Family Medicine Assoc Dean for Student Affairs - KC '16 
Garold Minns Internal Medicine - Wichita Assoc Dean for Student & Academic Affairs - Wichita '16
Non-Voting Student Alternates
Neil Phillips Phase I Student - KC '16
Casey McNeil Phase I Student - Wichita '16
Jill Grothusen Phase II Student - KC '16
TBD Phase II Student - Wichita '16
Stephen Charles SOM - Wichita Medical Education Director - Wichita '16
Gary Doolittle Internal Medicine Phase I Director '16
Pam Shaw Pediatrics Phase II Director '16



  • Regular and timely review of the curriculum, including implementation and evaluation
  • Making recommedations to the Executive Dean on modifications to the overall goals of the content and organization of the required curriculum and of other requirements for graduation
  • Making recommendations to the Executive Dean for the implementation of any detailed changes in curriculum and/or its organization consistent with, and necessary to attain, the overal educational policy goals and competencies established and approved by the SOM faculty
  • Encouraging and fostering innovation in the curriculum, taking advantage of the unique characteristics of the different campuses
  • Reviewing outcome measures and making appropriate recommendations for improvements


Required meetings in Spring and Fall. Regular meetings as needed to conduct business (usually monthly).

Further Information:

Krista Wimberly
Faculty Affairs and Development (FAD)

For more detailed information regarding the Education Council view the Bylaws.

Subcommittees of Education Council
Proposed bylaws changes would confirm the two permanent subcommittees as Year One and Two Oversight Committee and Year Three and Four Oversight Committee. Previously subcommittees were the curriculum committees on each campus.

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