School of Medicine Faculty Governance

During the past year, we have been working diligently and thoughtfully to complete updates and revisions to the KUMC SOM Bylaws. 

At this time, we are asking for your input. Please review the below revised bylaws, then follow with your comments. The comment period will end on Wednesday, July 5th, 2017. 

Revised Bylaws - Clean Version

Revised Bylaws - Redline Version

Outline of Changes

SOM Faculty Bylaws Comment Form

The faculty members of the University of Kansas School of Medicine have certain responsibilities and privileges that operate through the system known as faculty governance. This organizational framework manages the business of the faculty and enables faculty members to participate in developing and implementing the policies and procedures of the School of Medicine.

flowchart som faculty council

Executive Committee -The Executive Committee is comprised of the four department chairs, leadership of Faculty Council, Faculty Committee chairs, at-large delegates, Executive Dean, Wichita Dean and Salina Campus Director.

Some of the many duties include acting as liaison between faculty and administration, implementation of recommendations from Faculty Council, advisor to Executive Dean for a variety of situations, and decide Faculty Council agendas and Faculty Retreat content.

Faculty Council -The Council is comprised of delegates from each department (1-4 dependent on department size), Salina Campus delegate, chairs from each of the Faculty Committees, student representatives, two clinical department chairs from KC, one basic science chair from KC, a chair from Wichita (either basic or clinical), four at-large delegates, Executive Dean, Wichita Dean, and the Salina Campus Director.

Main duties include recommending and establishing general goals of educational policies within the Faculty Committees.


School of Medicine Faculty Committees

Appointments, Promotion and Tenure - Wichita and Kansas City. This committee reviews applications from current faculty for promotion and/or tenure and makes recommendations to the Executive Dean. They also review new faculty joining KUMC at a higher level than Assistant Professor.

Elections - responsible for conducting elections for new Chair and Vice Chair of Faculty Council, election of the Faculty Committees members and the at-large faculty delegates. Also responsible for conducting special elections having to do with bylaws.

Research - communicate all research related issues between faculty and administration. Advise on research program policies and assist in planning/implementing new programs.

Academic Committee

· Admissions Subcommittee - recommends students for admission to the School of Medicine. Changes in policies for admission are also proposed by this committee.

· Special Programs Subcommittee - review grades and academic records of students to make recommendations for any additional actions that may need to be taken, whether it is dismissal, additional help or graduation.

Education Council - curriculum review, implementation and evaluation.


The philosophy and regulations on which faculty governance is based are described in the University of Kansas School of Medicine Faculty Bylaws - (amended March 2013). View PDF of Bylaws. The School has a collaborative governance structure, designed to promote partnership ("cooperative and interdependent activities") between the faculty and the administration in conducting the business of the School.

Faculty governance takes place through a system of committees and councils that attempt to balance inclusiveness with the need to conduct business in a timely manner. All members of the faculty are encouraged to contribute to faculty governance and most meetings are open to all faculty members. The right to vote is generally restricted to faculty members with appointments of at least 50 percent time. Committee membership is also generally reserved for faculty members with at least 50 percent time appointments. Some committees or councils have additional specific criteria for membership.

Last modified: Jun 27, 2017