Sabbatical Leave - Requirements and Process

Each year in September, the School of Medicine Faculty Affairs and Development (FAD) Office sends out a call for sabbatical leave application packets for sabbaticals to be taken the following fiscal year. Application packets are accepted in the FAD office from October 1 to November 10, to be presented to the Executive Dean for consideration. Once approved by the Executive Dean, the final documentation is forwarded to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs by December 1 of the year before the requested sabbatical.

The application packet should include:

  • A proposal from the faculty member to the department chair, including a statement of purpose for the requested sabbatical and plan for coverage of duties.
  • Letter of support from department chair to the Executive Dean.
  • Letter of support from Executive Dean to the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs.

Send the statement of purpose and the letter of support from the chair to the FAD Office by November 10 for review by the Executive Dean. Once reviewed and approved, the Executive Dean's letter of support will be added to the application and forwarded to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. The University Faculty Affairs website contains additional information.

The Fine Print
Additional sabbatical leave information may be found in the Handbook for Faculty and Unclassified Staff starting on page 150, or the full excerpt from the Handbook is here. Below is a short summary.

  • Sabbatical leave may be granted in "strictly meritorious cases" to faculty members who have continuously served the university for at least six years.
  • The purpose a sabbatical is to provide a period of research and scholarly activity intended to promote the intellectual growth of the individual and school.
  • Applicants must agree to serve the university or another Regents' institution for no less than one year following the end of the sabbatical period.
  • A report must be provided to the Executive Dean within 90 days of the end of the sabbatical period. Funding for the leave must be arranged by the individual or department.
  • Applications are judged on merit.
  • Applicants must document the proposed activities, explain the significance and benefit to the school, and detail how responsibilities will be covered during absences.
  • A letter of support must be provided from the departmental chair documenting how responsibilities will be covered, the arrangements for financial support, and the overall impact and potential benefit of the sabbatical on the department.
  • Applications must be received by the office of the Executive Dean by fall deadline (date determined annually).  

Contact Laura Jennemann in the School of Medicine Office of Faculty Affairs and Development or Jennifer Egger in University Faculty Affairs, with any questions.

Last modified: Mar 09, 2016
Forms & Policies

Sabbatical Leave Forms, Policies, and Schedules are available here.