Glendon G. Cox Leadership Award

Patterson, Geiger, Cox, Prestwood
L-R: Shelli Patterson, CMFC, Financial Advisor, Paige Geiger, PhD, Glen Cox, MD, and
Wendy Prestwood, CRPC, CMFC, President/Financial Advisor, Prestwood Financial Group

 "Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right thing."
-- Peter Drucker

  • A leader puts aside personality differences in order to accomplish institutional goals and does not make decisions based on personal pride or ego.
  • A leader takes calculated risks based on the best information available but does not take risks that threaten the survival of the institution.
  • A good leader keeps communication lines open so ideas can be discussed and plans made.
  • A leader is able to rise above the fray to see the entire campaign, envisioning the future and thinking years ahead.
  • A leader is a visionary who can see beyond the needs of today and to inspire change which will enable the institution to be prepared for the future. Without vision and foresight into ideas for the future and before others even realize any need exists is the difference between one who leads and a great leader.
  • Leadership inspires others to go beyond what they thought they could do.


The Glendon G. Cox Leadership Award honors a member of our academic medical community as a leader and recognizes contributions made in an extraordinary fashion and at a consistently high level over a span of many years. This award is faculty-initiated and recognizes our colleagues who have shown sustained leadership and excellence in their service to the University of Kansas, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Health Professions and Medical Center. For the purpose of this award, leadership and excellence can be in any area of academic life, including innovations that radically improve or transform clinical outcomes, educational processes, health care policy/economic development, government/media relations, or advocacy and representation on behalf of patients, peers or our health care organization.

Eligible persons are those members of our faculty who have demonstrated the traits that are so admired in Dr. Glendon G. Cox, recipient of the first leadership and excellence award in 2008. The continuation of this award will honor deserving current and future campus leaders. The $1,500 cash prize underscores the importance of leadership within the health science center community.

The selection committee will be comprised of faculty members of varied academic ranks from both basic and clinical science departments. The successful candidate will have shown evidence of outstanding leadership traits as defined below.


The outstanding candidate should have:

  • inspired and encouraged faculty members to be leaders through his/her own career in academic medicine, nursing or health professions
  • promoted faculty leadership through the candidate's own accomplishments
  • improved the educational and professional environment for sustaining faculty members
  • enhanced the development of faculty members into positions of greater leadership
  • played a critical role in the advancement of medical, nursing or health profession education
  • exhibited unquestionable professionalism within the community of academic including at the local, state and national levels
  • demonstrated expertise in her/his own field of study
  • exhibited a commitment to the professional development of others, serving as a role model to learners at all academic levels
  • demonstrated a longstanding, major commitment to addressing institutional and community needs
  • shown a steadfast commitment to enhanced collaboration and productive relationships with faculty and staff at all levels of the organization
  • displayed energy and enthusiasm for the work of the university and have a deep appreciation for the contributions of others
  • demonstrated a strong interest in further enhancement of leadership skills for others within organized medicine
  • worked to create a respectful environment for education, patient care and/or activities through a collaborative systems approach
  • provided outstanding service promoting academic medicine and for efforts to improve statewide health care services through support and improvement of existing medical school services and programs
  • exemplified the ideals of a conscientious, compassionate and humanitarian educator
  • brought distinction to the University of Kansas School of Medicine, School of Nursing or School of Health Professions by outstanding achievements or improvements in our internal programs or the broader community
  • the candidate is worthy of this honor because absent his/her efforts, the changes and growth experienced by the University of Kansas School of Medicine, School of Nursing or School of Health Professions would have never occurred

Nomination Materials Required (submitted via email)

  • Use a Word document to make the nominations
    • using any format that you choose
    • not to exceed five typewritten pages
    • 12 pt. type
  • Multiple nominators may support a nominee as long as the complete nomination does not exceed five pages

Nominees may NOT be:

  • Members of the Dean's staff or a member of the appointed Advisory Committee for this award
  • Previous winners of the Glendon G. Cox Leadership Award (list of previous award winners is provided below)

Nominations & Timetable

Deadline is first Friday of August each year
Direct all questions to:

  • Robert M. Klein, Ph.D, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs & Graduate Studies and Dean of Graduate Studies, KUMC.

Submit all materials via email to:

  • Ms. Marty McLaughlin, Executive Director
  • Office of Academic Affairs & Graduate Studies, KUMC


  • Names are recommended by committee to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the Executive Vice Chancellor.
  • Final approval by the Executive Dean and Executive Vice Chancellor

Prize & Presentation

  • $1,500 (one award available each year)
  • Awards will be presented at the annual School of Medicine Faculty Retreat

Previous Awardees

Bernadette Gray-Little, Paige Geiger, Robert Simari 2014
Paige Geiger, PhD
S Stites 2013
Steven Stites, MD
K Miller 2012
Karen L. Miller, RN, PhD, FAAN
K Benson, G Cox 2011
Kirk Benson, MD
Varghese 2010
George Varghese, MD
Doolittle, Cox 2009
Gary C. Doolittle, MD
Glen Cox 2008
Glendon G. Cox, MD, MBA, MHSA

Last modified: Jul 26, 2016
Call for Nominations


The University of Kansas Medical Center would like to acknowledge and thank Prestwood Financial Group, ING Financial Advisers, LLC for the support they provide for this award. Professionals with the Prestwood Financial Group learn who the recipient is each year during the presentation ceremony at the Annual Faculty Retreat and are not involved in the selection of the winner.