Tenure Track Mid-Cycle Review, Mandatory Review, Extensions

Mid-Cycle Review

Tenure Track faculty members are required to have a mid-cycle review completed during their third academic year at the University (i.e. If the faculty member started in 2015, the review needs to be completed in the 2017-18 academic year). The review must be submitted to their Department P&T Committee no later than August 1, 2018. The Mid-Cycle Review is required for the faculty member to apply for promotion/tenure in the beginning of their 6th year at the University.  

The faculty member is responsible for contacting their department chair and department P&T committee chair to confirm the review will be completed.  The mid-cycle review date is noted in the original offer letter.  Every April, Faculty Affairs and Development sends a list to the departments that have faculty with mid-cycle reviews due. 

Review Materials for the department P&T committee
Faculty members should submit the following materials to their department P&T committee (varies by department, check with your department P&T committee chair):

  • Current CV in SoM Format
  • Summary evaluation by chair (if available)
  • Copies of all annual faculty assessments
  • Other appropriate evidence of progress towards tenure and academic promotion  

Completed Reviews
The department P&T committee forwards the completed review to the department chair and faculty member. The chair and faculty member meet to discuss the results. The department P&T committee chair may also be included in this meeting, if desired. A copy of the mid-cycle review, signed by the chair and faculty member, should then be emailed to SoM Faculty Affairs and Development (FAD) at apt@kumc.edu, no later than September 1.  

Mandatory Review

Tenure track faculty members are required to apply for promotion and tenure in fall of their fifth year at the University. For example, if the faculty member started in 2017, the mandatory review would be required in 2022. Add a year to the mandatory year for any extension. Faculty hired as associate or full professor without tenure may apply for tenure only.  

Please review the Getting Started page.  

Extension Requests

There are two circumstances, defined by the KBOR, in which tenure track faculty may request an extension to the initial seven year probationary period. No more than two extensions of the "tenure clock" may be granted to a faculty member for any reason.

For all requests, complete the Tenure Clock Extension Request Form and submit it to your department chair with the documentation noted below. Once the department chair signs the request, email it to FAD@kumc.edu for the Executive Dean's signature/approval. FAD will forward to the Vice Chancellor's office for final approval and processing.

Birth or Adoption of a Child Summary
One year delay for the birth, adoptive placement, or adoption of a child under age 5 prior to May 1st of the fifth year of the probationary period. Notification must occur within 90 days of the birth/adoption.

Extenuating Circumstances
One year extension prior to the sixth year for unexpected special and extenuating circumstances per request of the faculty member and appropriate dean. Faculty member will write a letter to their chair, detailing the extenuating circumstances.  When chair approves the extension request, he/she should add a letter of support with the request and form.  

Questions? Contact Angie Basgall in Kansas City and Julie Galliart in Wichita.

Last modified: Feb 16, 2018