FAQ's of P&T

Below are several Frequently Asked Questions that may help answer some of your questions. If you cannot find the answer you need here or within other sections of the website, please do not hesitate to email us at APT@kumc.edu

Tracks - Ranks - Domains - Career Levels

Q: What are the requirements for promotion at my track and rank? 
Take a look at the Tracks-Ranks-Levels Summary. It also states what type of reference letters you need (internal or external). 

Q: Are there examples of the Career Levels?
A: Yes. Please check out the Domain Expectations by Career Levels document. It describes each domain and gives a variety of examples for both basic science and clinical science faculty. 

Curriculum Vitae

Q: Can I remove the instructions at the beginning of each section of my CV?
Yes, please do.  Your CV will be more clearly read without the instructions. 

Q: Will FAD review my CV? 
 Yes, but first, we encourage you to have a colleague or someone from your department's APT committee review it and provide feedback. When you feel your CV is complete, please contact us and we can set up a meeting to review it further. 

Application Documentation

Q: What materials are needed for my application?
The Application Folder Checklist  categorizes the required materials. It also guides you where to add things in your SharePoint folder.
A: Applying for Promotion - Getting Started is a great page on our website to find complete information about the promotion and tenure review process.

Teaching and Formal Evaluations

Q: Do I need teaching evaluations? What if I do not have any formal evaluations?
The absence of teaching evaluations will negatively impact your application. Start gathering these early.
A: Formal evaluations can be sometimes be subjective and you also maynot have any. However, support letters from learners or junior faculty that you have mentored, are encouraged.
A: If you do not have standardized teaching evaluations, or you would like extra documentation to show your excellence in teaching, you can submit a Peer Observation Request Form. Information on Peer Observation of Teaching information can be found within the Faculty Development tab on the Faculty Affairs and Development website.

Clinical Service Activities

Q: How do I document my clinical service activities?
Clinical practices vary greatly among specialties. You will need to provide a summary of your clinical practice as well as quantitative data (RVUs over time) that showcase your accomplishments.  Follow the links for examples.


Q: How do I use SharePoint to submit my application packet? 
You can find the SharePoint application site here. Guidelines for finding your folder, uploading documents and submitting your reference contact information is here.  Only the current applicants and the assistants listed on their registration form will have access to your specific folder.  

Q: I cannot login and/or I do not see my folder in SharePoint
If you have any issues with SharePoint, please check over the instructions first (using the APT SharePoint site link above). If any issues persist, please contact Angie Basgall in Kansas City and Julie Galliart in Wichita.

Last modified: Feb 16, 2018