Tenure Clock Extension Requests

There are two circumstances, defined by the KBOR, in which tenure track faculty may request an extension to the initial seven year probationary period. 

1. Birth or Adoption of a Child


  • One year extension for new parents (birth or adoption).
  • Not yet tenured faculty.
  • Prior to mandatory review year.
  • Complete and turn in form within 90 days of birth/adoption.
  • May opt out of extension.
  • Complete the Tenure Clock Extension Request Form.
  • A maximum of two extensions are allowed.

The Fine Print: The Kansas Board of Regents provides for an automatic one year extension of the tenure clock for faculty who become new parents or adopt a child under five years of age. "If an untenured faculty member becomes a parent through birth, adoptive placement, or adoption of a child under the age of 5 prior to the fifth year of the probationary period, that faculty member, upon notification to the institution's chief academic officer, shall be granted a one-year delay of the tenure review. Notification must occur within 90 days of the birth, adoptive placement, or adoption. Faculty members retain the right to opt out of this interruption policy."

2. Extenuating Circumstances


  • Faculty Member: Complete the Tenure Clock Extension Request Form and write a letter detailing the extenuating circumstances for your Department Chair. 
  • Chair: If the chair approves the extension request, he/she then includes a detailed letter in support of the faculty's request.
  • Next: Submit the form and letters to the Faculty Affairs and Development (FAD) Office for review.
  • FAD will present to the Executive Dean for approval/signature, then forward to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Office. 
  • A maximum of two extensions are allowed.

The Fine Print: The Handbook specifies that "under unexpected, special, and extenuating circumstances prior to the beginning of the sixth year of service" an extension of the probationary period may be granted for up to one year. This extension is intended to accommodate unpredictable events that disrupt the documented progression of a faculty member towards achievement of tenure. It is required that faculty members document serious and unanticipated events that have intervened in the completion of the normal probationary period. These requests are taken very seriously by the University, with even leaves taken under the Family Medical Leave Act not automatically resulting in interruption of the probationary period. Faculty members who have reason to believe they will request interruption of the probationary period must have full approval of the Department Chair, FAD Office and Executive Dean.

Form: Tenure Clock Extension Request

Questions? Contact Laura Jennemann, SOM FAD Office (KC) or Marianne Eyles, FAPD Office (Wichita).

Last modified: Mar 01, 2016


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