Annual Faculty Assessment (AFA)

Each year members of the faculty who have at least a 0.5 FTE commitment to the School of Medicine complete an Annual Faculty Assessment (AFA). This assessment allows faculty to review their performance and outline specific goals and objectives in areas of teaching, research/scholarship, clinical service and professional/academic service. The process includes both a self-assessment and an assessment from the departmental chair, that when taken together provide a meaningful assessment of the faculty member's productivity and outlines the path forward for promotion and continued productivity. 

Faculty members with a start date July 2, 2016 or after are not required to complete an AFA.​  Faculty with a start date of July 1, 2016 or before are required to complete the AFA. 

2016 Annual Faculty Assessment Form

Steps to Complete the AFA Form

  1. Faculty member updates his/her CV using the School of Medicine format, highlighting in yellow their 2016 accomplishments.  If a faculty member is unable to highlight, another option would be to change the font color to red or another color that will stand out to indicate 2016 accomplishments. Please see below in helpful links for more information on trouble highlighting.
  2. Complete the AFA form electronically for the calendar year of 2016.
    1. The Faculty Member is responsible for completing sections I - VI.
    2. The Chair is then responsible for completing sections VII and VIII.
    3. The Faculty Member meets with their Chair to discuss the CV and assessment.
    4. The Faculty Member then completes section IX.  

Completed forms and CVs must be received in the Faculty Affairs and Development (FAD) office by Monday, April 3, 2017.

Helpful Links:

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Questions and feedback on improving the process should be sent to Krista Wimberly.

Last updated: January 19, 2017

Last modified: Aug 02, 2017