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2018 Ultrasound Bootcamp

Rapid diagnosis and treatment in the critically ill is a necessity within the Emergency Department.  With limited resources available at the bedside in critical patients, ultrasound has come to the forefront for both diagnostic and procedural intervention.  During an Emergency Medicine residency at University of Kansas Hospital, our residents learn the advanced ultrasound skills necessary to successfully implement ultrasound into the care of their patients. 

Through the University of Kansas School of Medicine, the Emergency Department offers a 4-week clinical Emergency Ultrasound rotation to 4th year medical students applying to Emergency Medicine residency.  Students interested in participating in the rotation should contact Dr. Melissa Thomas, MD or Dr. Bradley Jackson, MD

Interns participate in a 2 day Emergency Ultrasound course during orientation where they are introduced to the basics of clinical bedside ultrasound.  These skills are further developed during an ultrasound rotation in the first year of residency through both bedside training and clinical exams.

Senior Residents
Senior residents looking to further hone their skills and move to more advanced scans may participate in an elective rotation.  This rotation allows the resident a month to focus on developing advanced skills in bedside ultrasound while performing clinical exams within the Emergency Department.  Ultrasound skills also continue to progress through residency for our senior residents as they are highly encouraged to implement ultrasound into daily clinical practice.

We also offer fellowship training for those that want to prepare themselves to be leaders within the Emergency Medicine community with an ultrasound focus.  This is a yearlong fellowship where fellows will also continue to develop their ultrasound skills at the bedside, but the focus will be learning the skills necessary to admnistrate a successful ultrasound program. 

Further information on the fellowship can be found here:  Interested applicants may also contact Dr. Melissa Thomas, MD for further information.

Last modified: Jun 03, 2019