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Core Conference Experience:
Five hours of protected timer per week on Wednesday mornings from 7am-noon  

Core Conference:
Core conference is structured to cover the "Model of the Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine" which provides the basis for all examinations by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. 

Multidisciplinary Conferences:
We have joint conferences with pediatrics, trauma, and nursing.   

Journal Club and Research Workshop:
There is a monthly journal club and research workshop.  Residents critique articles based on a topic of their choice.  Then a period of time is devoted to the research curriculum and residents have protected time to work on their research projects.   

Small Group Learning:
We utilize small groups to review ECGs and radiology images.  Part of the ECGs reviewed are pulled from our STEMI activations. Clinical history is provided to the residents and they interpret the ECG as a STEMI or not a STEMI.  Their decision is compared with whether the patient received a coronary intervention or had a rise in their troponin.    

Procedure workshops:
Splinting workshop: run by Orthopedic residents Slit Lamp and tonopen workshop: run by Ophthalmology residents Nasopharyngeal scoping: run by ENT residents

Last modified: Jun 03, 2019