Najeem Ojulari, MD

Class of 2018
Emergency Medicine


Chicago, Illinois


The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Medical School:

The University of Illinois, Rockford, IL

Hobbies & Interests:

Enjoy playing all sports, most especially soccer, table tennis, and basketball,  hanging out with family, watching movies and hanging out with my 7 month old nephew ( in pic with me), who might just supplant me as the coolest member of the family.

More about me:

Born in Nigeria but Chicago is home now. Came to Kansas City solely to do a prospective study on which is better Chicago pizza, or Kansas city bbq...There will be a sample size of exactly 1, and it will NOT be peer reviewed!!!....Look for the results in the New England Journal.

Temmy and Nephew

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Najeem Ojulari, MD
Class of 2018