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Students after White Coat ceremony

KU's School of Medicine is ranked No. 1 as the most popular medical school in the United States, according to U.S. News and World Report. In 2011, the school enrolled 191 first-year medical students at its three campuses, and annually, more than 85 percent of new students are Kansas residents. In 2012, the school will increase its enrollment at the Wichita campus by 20 students.

New medical students are welcomed into the school during the White Coat ceremony, where they are inaugurated into the profession of medicine and into our medical community.

The first-year students, or M1s, take the following Oath of Commitment:

As I begin my training as a physician at the University of Kansas School of Medicine:
I promise to uphold the trust and respect of my teachers and return them in kind, for only mutual trust and respect make it possible to pass on the skills required of a physician.
I will accept the responsibility for those duties for which I feel prepared; I will wait when I am not prepared; and I will seek the experience that I need to prepare myself.
I will strive to preserve the dignity, the humanity, and the privacy of each of my patients; and, through my openness and kindness, I will seek to earn their trust and respect.
I will treat my patients and colleagues as my fellow beings without discriminating against them for their differences.
I will value the knowledge and the wisdom of the physicians who have preceded me; I will add to this legacy what I am able, and I will pass it on to those who will come after me.
As my skills and my knowledge grow so too will my awareness of error and ignorance; I will strive to recognize and understand my own weaknesses; and I promise never to put an end to my studying and learning, that I might improve myself every day of my practice, in all the years to come.

The following programs will give prospective students the information to determine if a medical career is the right choice for them.

Programs for Premedical Students

Career Information for High School Students

  • Medicine...Is it the Right Career for You?
  • Health Careers Pathways Programs (HCPP)
    The Office of Cultural Enhancement and Diversity at the University of Kansas School of Medicine partners with the University of Missouri - Kansas City to administer the Greater Kansas City Health Professions Pipeway Initiative, a bi-state endeavor to provide encouragement and opportunities to minority students in the Kansas City area interested in the health professions and other science-intensive careers.

If you need additional information, please call or email the Office of Admissions and Premedical Programs at 913-588-5280,, or complete the Admissions Guide Request form.

Last modified: May 11, 2015