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Integrated 4-year Curriculum

The modular structure and "bright line" between the preclinical and clinical years has been identified as a barriers to a comprehensive and integrated curriculum. The continuum of learner development from pre-matriculation, through medical school and residency to lifelong, reflective practice and improvement requires seamless horizontal and vertical integration of foundational and clinical sciences. Concepts are better learned and retained in a clinical context, and the requirement for excellence in clinical practice drives the mastery and application of scientific knowledge. The ACE curriculum is an integrated hybrid format organized around clinical cases that seamlessly integrates foundational sciences as the basis for clinical practice.

The new format will move from the current module structure into a block structure, systematically introducing topics with progressive complexity of foundational and clinical content through all four years. Integral to this will be an early and immersive clinical experience that enables the learner to integrate classroom learning with real-world patient care. We will collaborate with our clinical preceptors, both on campus and throughout our community to transform our current preceptorship model into an integrated, longitudinal clinical experience where students learn, develop and demonstrate real-world abilities in acute and chronic care within the context of a highly integrated curriculum.

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018
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