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KU School of Medicine Curriculum Transformation

The faculty of the School of Medicine conducted a thorough review of the curriculum as a basis for upgrading and updating educational programs. The curriculum has been transformed into a path to clinical and academic excellence through an Active, Competency-based, and Excellence-driven (ACE) educational program that provides a solid foundation for training the next generation of physicians.  Graduates must become exceptionally skilled practitioners of medicine, leaders and advocates for healthcare quality and research, and prepared for lifelong learning and service. 

Why Change the Undergraduate Medical Curriculum?

CheckSince the last major revision of the KUMC medical curriculum in 2006, content audits, consultant reports, AAMC graduation questionnaires, internal surveys and the LCME self-study and re-accreditation site visit have identified the need to critically and comprehensively review and update the entire undergraduate medical curriculum. 

Although the overall quality of our educational program was validated by the LCME, the thoughtful suggestions for improvement offered by the site visitors convinced the faculty leaders and school of medicine deans that a top to bottom review of the curriculum was critical. Learn more.

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018
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Curriculum Collaboration

Visit the ACE Curriculum Management siteACE uses a SharePoint site to share information on curriculum development and management for KUMC personnel. You must be a member of the site to access the SharePoint site.

VIsit the ACE Curriculum Management site