The University of Kansas Department of Radiology strives to create continuity between its current and former radiology residents and fellows to facilitate job placement, and provide teaching opportunities and continuing education opportunities.

Benefits to Graduate Trainees 

  • Opportunities for case consultation
  • Networking for hiring new grads
  • Networking for finding former classmates
  • Teaching opportunities in the training program(s)

How to stay up to date on Department events

Department events welcome to alumni are usually announced through email and postal mail.  To update your contact information in the alumni database, please email: or contact Ashley Thurston at 913-588-6805.

Diagnostic Radiology Residency Alumni

Grad Yr Trainee Name Fellowship Post-graduate Career
2014-2015 Jordan Chance, MD Body, Univ of Washington
Daniel Hadland, MD Sports Med, Univ of Alabama Birmingham
Jill Jones, MD Body, Univ of Kansas Faculty at KUMC
Curtis Mick, MD N/A Private Practice, Kansas
Rustain Morgan, MD Nuc Med, Duke Univ
Allison Zupon, MD Breast, Univ of Kansas
2013-2014 Shaun Best, MD Body, Univ of Calif San Diego Faculty at KUMC
Zachary Boyd, MD Body, Johns Hopkins Private Practice, Kansas
Christopher Connor, MD Neuro, Mallinckrodt Private Practice, Missouri
Aaron Kovaleski, MD Interventional, Univ of Kansas Private Practice, Florida
Tiffany Lewis, DO Breast, Mayo Clinic Private Practice, Wisconsin
Benjamin Saverino, MD MSK, Univ of Texas Houston Private Practice, Missouri
2012-2013 Kiran Chunduri, MD Interventional, Emory Univ Private Practice, Missouri
Luke Ledbetter, MD Neuror, Univ of Utah (2 years) Faculty at KUMC
Aaron Meggison, MD MSK, Univ of Nebraska Private Practice, Kansas
Kelly Overman, MD Breast, Univ of Kansas Private Practice, Kansas
Cordell Privat, MD Interventional, Univ of Arkansas Private Practice, Oklahoma
Onalisa Winblad, MD Breast, Mallinckrodt Faculty at KUMC
2011-2012 Adam Alli, MD Interventional, Univ of Kansas Private Practice, Texas 
Erich Bryan, MD Neuro, Mayo Clinic Private Practice, Minnesota
Scott Culbertson, MD Neuro, Univ of Washington Private Practice, Kansas
Daniel Finn, MD Neuro, Barrow Institute Private Practice, Kansas
Daniel Hulse, MD N/A Private Practice, Kansas
Daniel Spear, MD Neuro, William Beaumont Hosp Private Practice, Michigan
2010-2011 Thomas Fahrbach, MD Interventional, Emory Univ Faculty at KUMC
Leif Jensen, MD Cardiothoracic, Univ of Wisconsin Faculty at Univ of Utah
Shannon Peck, MD Interventional, Univ of Kansas Private Practice, South Dakota
2009-2010 Ryan Ash, MD Body, Univ of Calif San Diego Faculty at KUMC
Shelby Fishback, MD Body, Univ of Wisconsin Faculty at KUMC
Jason Gatewood, MD Breast, Susan G Komen Faculty at KUMC
John Leever, MD Neuro, Georgetown Univ Faculty at KUMC
Brett Meggison, MD N/A Private Practice, Kansas
Julie Neperud, MD Body, MD Anderson Private Practice, Kansas
John Riekhof, MD N/A Private Practice, Kansas
2008-2009 Michael Caldwell, MD N/A Private Practice, Minnesota
Natalie Chan, MD Active Duty with Air Force Active Duty with Air Force
Corey Chopra, MD Neuro, Northwestern Univ Private Practice, Kansas
Lucas Meek, MD Thoracic, Mayo Clinic Faculty at KUMC
Roni Talukdar, MD Breast/Body, Sloan Kettering Private Practice, Virginia
2007-2008 Glenda Holzman, MD MSK, Univ of Iowa Private Practice, Kansas
Zachary Collins, MD Interventional, Tampa Faculty at KUMC
Kevin Schoenhals, MD N/A Private Practice, Oklahoma
John Pope, MD Body, Baylor College Private Practice, Kansas
Carl Van Tasell, MD N/A Private Practice, Kansas

Radiology Fellowship Alumni

Grad Yr Alumni Name Fellowship Post-graduate Career
2015-2016 Allison Zupon, MD Breast
Jill Jones, MD Body Faculty at KUMC
Chris Neeley, MD MSK
Saad Iqbal, MD VIR
Joseph Vavricek, MD VIR
2014-2015 Kelly Kersey, MD Breast Private Practice, Mississippi
Tim Manda, MD Body Private Practice, Florida
Brian Hamm, MD MSK Private Practice, North Dakota
Aaron Kovaleski, MD VIR Private Practice, Florida
Ben Maertins, MD VIR Private Practice, Nebraska
2013-2014 Kelly Overman, MD Breast Private Practice, Kansas
Alfred Stanford, MD Body Private Practice, Washington
Bill Vanlandingham, MD VIR Faculty at Univ of Oklahoma
2012-2013 Nebiyu Beteselassie, MD MSK Faculty at UMKC
Adam Alli, MD VIR Private Practice, Texas
2011-2012 Shannon Peck, MD VIR Private Practice, South Dakota
2010-2011 John Madarang, MD VIR Faculty at KUMC
2009-2010 Daniel Gillespie, MD VIR Private Practice, Kansas
2008-2009 Veronika McDonald, DO VIR Private Practice, Kansas
2007-2008 Jason Himmel, MD VIR Private Practice, Kansas
2006-2007 Steven Lemons, MD VIR Faculty at KUMC
Last modified: Feb 26, 2016