Histology and pathology

cardiovascular pathology lab

The pathology lab is an essential and integral component of the CVRI research operations. The broad goal of this lab is to assist investigators in obtaining pathological analysis of various tissue samples generated during the course of diverse experiments. The workflow in this lab can be summarized as follows:

  • Tissue samples are processed, embedded, and sectioned
  • Sections are immunostained using various methods
  • Stained specimens are examined under brightfield, fluorescent and confocal microscopes and quantitative information obtained
  • Myocardial sections are stained with Masson's trichrome and cardiac anatomical parameters are measured 
  • Myocardial fibrosis is assessed quantitatively following staining with picrosirius red
  • Assessment of other morphometric parameters and assessment of myocyte hypertrophy is performed in Masson's trichrome-stained myocardial sections

Investigators, trainees, and associates:

  • Buddhadeb Dawn, M.D.
  • Robert Vincent, B.S.



Last modified: Jul 21, 2016