echocardiography lab

The echocardiography lab complements the cardiovascular physiology lab by providing accurate assessment of cardiac function and structure in anesthetized or conscious animals. The procedures are performed in a dedicated facility by highly trained researchers and personnel. A complete procedure involves interrogation of the heart and blood flow using two-dimensional ultrasound imaging as well as pulsed and color Doppler techniques from parasternal and apical windows in long- and short-axis views. The information gained from a complete echocardiogram includes (i) several parameters of left ventricular global and regional function; (ii) left ventricular volumes; (iii) wall thickness; and (iv) blood flow velocities.

echocardiography lab associateInvestigators, trainees, and associates:

  • Buddhadeb Dawn, M.D.
  • Magdy Girgis, M.D.
Last modified: Jul 21, 2016