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"The Cray Diabetes Self-Management Center stands as the clinical arm of the Diabetes Institute where translational research, innovative educational technology and practices are implemented."

Learning more about diabetes and how to treat it is fundamental to the values of the Cray Diabetes Center. Go to our sister site, the KU Diabetes Institute, to learn more about our current research studies.

What is Research?

We are continuing to learn more about the disease process of diabetes and also about better ways to treat, prevent, and someday cure the disease. Research includes everything from work in the laboratory to testing new medications to learning about better ways to educate people.

To learn more about general research at the University of Kansas Medical Center, click here.

How can I participate?

Would you like to contribute to learning more about diabetes? We are always looking for volunteers to participate in research. To learn more about current studies that are going on or to get involved, visit our sister website, the KU Diabetes Institute, for more information. Alternatively, you can call 913-588-6052 to talk to someone about the current research opportunities.

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018