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Exercise Ideas

running shoes

Stuck in a rut with your exercise plan? Try something new! Here are a few ideas:

Cable TV
Check your provider for channel list: Fitness TV, Exercise TV, Christian Fitness, and Discover Fit & Health

Internet at home
• YouTube: Search for workout ideas depending on what you like to do: weights, cardio, dancing, hula hoop, treadmill, step, whatever!
• Websites:,,,

Workout Videos
Sweatin to the Oldies; Pilates for Everybody by Denise Austin; Biggest Loser video; TaeBo, Sit and Be Fit ( to order) also available on YouTube, and on PBS in some areas
*Look for these at garage sales or on Craigslist, or just order online!

Exercise Equipment
• Treadmill: Walk at 2-4 miles per hour while watching TV or reading a book, increase the speed and/or incline as your tolerance improves.
• Elliptical Machine: Start at 0 resistance and go up 1 level every minute to 7 and then go back to 0, and repeat 1- 3 times as able to tolerate.

Own two feet
• Walk around the neighborhood, local mall or even around the house a few times.
• Use cans of food or laundry detergent for weights (see next page for starter workout)
• Leg lifts (bent or straight); push-ups (on knees or even against the wall); jumping jacks; use staircase at home as a stepper; dancing; squats; jog in place; crunches (or sit-ups).

• Netflix has workouts available, unlimited for $7.99 per month.
• GymBox is a home workout subscription for $10 per month.
• Magazines: Women's Health, Men's Health, Prevention, Shape, Fitness, Pilates Style, Yoga Magazine

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018