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Blood Glucose Monitoring

Blood glucose monitorWhy should I check my blood sugar?

One of the first steps in managing your diabetes is learning to check (monitor) your blood glucose (sugar). This is literally measuring the amount of sugar in your blood at that given moment.  Regulating your blood sugar levels is the number one way to prevent diabetes complications and to feel your best! 

How do I use a Blood Glucose (BG) Meter? Checking blood sugar with meter

Your health care team will give you a portable BG meter so you can check your BG at home, work or anywhere you may need to.

  • Put a BG strip into the meter to wake it up.
  • Use a lancet (small needle) and lancing device to poke your finger to get a small amount of blood. 
  • Place the drop of blood on the strip in the meter; the meter will read the blood and give you the result in seconds.

Checking blood sugar tips

What do the readings mean?

Blood glucose readings tell you and your healthcare team how your current activity, eating plan, and medications are working.  If your blood glucose levels are not in target, it does not necessarily mean you have done anything wrong!  It may mean your medication or lifestyle regimen needs to be adjusted.

 Do you need to change your nutrition or physical activity program?

Does your medication dose need to increase, decrease, or change completely?

Your healthcare team will review the numbers and patterns with you to help change medications and lifestyle.  In time, you may even feel comfortable making adjustments yourself based on your readings!

Blood Sugar Target Range

Remember that just checking will not give you good diabetes control.  You are gathering information.

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018
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