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About Us

Dr. Robbins

Our Mission...

" empower patients, health care providers, families, and their communities by providing education, research, and skills needed to successfully manage their diabetes."

The staff of the Cray Diabetes Self-Management Center believes the acquisition of self-care skills is a central component of good medical care for persons with diabetes. Because diabetes mellitus is a lifelong condition involving day-to-day lifestyle changes, we are committed to the concept of diabetes self-care.

Our concept is supported through a diabetes self-care program that is easily accessed, promotes knowledge, behavioral changes and skills necessary for lifestyle alteration.

Our goal is to empower health-care providers, persons with diabetes and their families to become informed and remain current with diabetic management skills to promote health and prevent complications. We are also dedicated to being a diabetic educational resource in the heartland.

The Cray Diabetes Self-Management Center stands as the clinical arm of the Diabetes Institute where translational research, innovative educational technology and practices are implemented.

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Last modified: Dec 13, 2018
Our Founders

Bud and Sally Cray

Named after Cloud and Sally Cray of Atchison, Kan., the Cray Diabetes Self-Management Center was established and continues to be supported by the Cray family.