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Our Roots

Established in 1979, The Cray Diabetes Self-Management Center started off as a small entity at The University of Kansas Medical Center. "The Cray," as it is affectionately called by its staff and patients, was named after Cloud and Sally Cray, who established the entity and continue to support it. Only one part-time nurse staffed The Cray Diabetes Center during the first year and provided patient education. Today our staff includes several endocrinologists, a physician assistant, two nurse practitioners, and two dietitians/diabetes educators.

Sally passed away after a long life with diabetes in 2010. The Cray family continues to support the Center, and its staff and patients are eternally grateful.


1979: The Cray Diabetes Center opens with Dr. Joseph Kyner as the Medical Director of the Cray; he came to KU in 1967 as an Instructor in the Department of Medicine

Dec. 22, 1981: Support received to develop a Diabetes Center. The committee included: W. Moore (Chairman), J. Kyner, B. Hudson, J. Kimmel, S. Friessen, R. Bolinger, E. Christopherson, and M. Barnard

September 1982: The Diabetes Center was founded through the Cray Medical Research Foundation
First Diabetes Symposium focused on new methods of treating Diabetes Mellitus and included speakers: Dr. Richard Bernstein, Dr. Richard Guthrie, and Dr. Wayne Moore

1990: Offered group education classes for teens
Added educators to become a multi-disciplinary team

Nov. 25, 1997: Cray Diabetes Center opened in Atchison, Kansas      

April 4, 2001: Diabetes awareness postage stamp unveiled

2006: Dr. David Robbins became the Medical Director of the Cray

2007: The KU Diabetes Institute was founded and now promotes research in the Cray Diabetes Center

Sept. 2010: Earned accreditation as a Diabetes Education Center with the American Diabetes Association

July 2011: The Cray Center moved to a new building, the Medical Office Building

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018
Our Founders

Bud and Sally Cray

Named after Cloud and Sally Cray of Atchison, Kan., the Cray Diabetes Self-Management Center was established and continues to be supported by the Cray family.