Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Center for Health Behavior Neuroscience do?

tape measure question markThe Center for Health Behavior Neuroscience (CHBN) was established with the purpose of designing, producing and evaluating the landscape of motivational health practices utilizing the latest in fMRI technology. The Center combines faculty from several metropolitan institutions and has several collaborations with institutions around the country to work toward understanding brain contributions to obesity and other health behaviors with the goal of developing new treatments to impact these behaviors. 
The Center would not be possible without Hoglund Brain Imaging Center at the University of Kansas Medical Center, which provides access to multiple imaging techniques including state-of-the-art functional and structural MRI as well as additional neuroevaluation.

I would like to participate in a study as a research subject. How do I reach you?

We are frequently recruiting subjects for many different studies. Please see our current research page for links to studies that are currently recruiting. You can also email us at or call 913-588-9077.

I would like to learn more about becoming a scientific collaborator with your center. Whom should I contact?

CHBN currently collaborates with faculty from around the country. We are always looking for opportunities to share our knowledge and expertise and collaborate with investigators interested in brain contributions to health behaviors. Please email us at or call 913-588-9077 to discuss your specific interests.

Do I need to be a KUMC faculty or student to work with the CHBN?

The CHBN currently has collaborators from many different institutions. Please contact us at or 913-588-9077 to discuss how we can work together.

I am a student. Can I do my internship/research at the CHBN?

We periodically accept new students and work frequently with students from other departments and institutions to facilitate research. Please email us at or call 913-588-9077 to discuss more.

I would like to volunteer at the CHBN. Who do I contact?

Volunteer opportunities can be tailored to your interests and/or learning objectives. Please email us at or call 913-588-9077.

I am interested in financially supporting the research performed at the Center for Health Behavior Neuroscience. How can I do this?

Thank you for considering supporting us! Federal research funding has been on the decline in recent years. As access to federal support has declined, we rely more and more heavily on private foundations and individual support. Your support can help us and continue current projects or in some cases, initiate a new study aimed at identifying the brain mechanisms that impact health behaviors. Your support can help us to identify ways to treat and prevent conditions that impact our nation's health.
For general financial support, please click here:
If you would like to talk more with us about financial support for specific projects, please contact Assistant Director Jennifer Freund at or 913-945-7855.

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