CHBN in the News

Cary R. Savage, Ph.D., the Director of the CHBN, serves as the faculty liason to the American Association of Medical College's (AAMC) "Joining Forces" effort, a national initiative started by first lady Michelle Obama to provide support to service members and their families.  Find out more at the "Joining Forces" website.    

Laura Martin, Ph.D., a CHBN collaborator and assistant professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health was featured in an article on the problem of "food porn" in Women's Health magazine.

Two CHBN researchers' work were featured as "Hot Topics." at the Society for Neuroscience annual conference in October 2012:

  • Rebecca Lepping's work "Limbic responses to positive and negative emotionally evocative music: An fMRI study"
  • Laura Martin's research on "Brain responses to monetary gains and losses among smokers and non-smokers"

The Hoglund Brain Imaging Center was featured in a Lawrence Journal World article highlighting the "major impact" the HBIC has on the surrounding research community.

Dr. Amanda Bruce, a CHBN collaborator, was featured in an international article on how "Logos ‘brand' youthful minds".   Dr. Bruce was also featured as one of three UMKC experts weighing in on food marketing and ways to improve the health of our families in the UMKC Perspectives magazine.  

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