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The KU Center for Multiple Sclerosis Care was developed with one goal in mind: provide comprehensive care for our patients. That goal translates to medical treatment based on your overall health and medical history, your age, the extent of the disease, your tolerance for medicine and therapy, and your goals for your life. Nationally recognized as one of a handful of clinics of its kind in the United States, the KU Center for Multiple Sclerosis Care is the only clinic in the Midwest that provides this level of comprehensive care for individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS).

The KU Center for MS Care encompasses patient care, MS research and the Multiple Sclerosis Achievement Center. As a part of the University of Kansas Medical Center department of neurology and The University of Kansas Health System, we provide a wide variety of services from medical care and therapy, to research and advocacy, to better support our MS community. MS is a wide-ranging, and at times debilitating, disease that often affects the whole body. With services, such as neurology, psychology, and physical, occupational and cognitive therapy, we work to help empower people with MS to take control of their lives.

Fast Facts:

  • KU Center for MS Care conducts research focused on MS treatment and better understanding of the disease. 
  • The MS Achievement Center began in collaboration with the Rehabilitation Institute in 1995 and joined the University of Kansas Medical Center in April 2016.
  • The Achievement Center offers a weekly program that provides physical, occupational and cognitive therapy, emotional support and creative classes for individuals with progressed MS.
  • We are located in the Landon Center on Aging in Kansas City, Kansas on the campus of the University of Kansas Medical Center.
  • KU Center for MS Care offers MS-focused fellowship programs, and educational opportunities for nursing, medical and health professions students.

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Mission Statement: The KU Center for MS Care provides outstanding, comprehensive patient care for individuals with MS, advances understanding and treatment through education of students, residents and fellows, and enhances research in the field of MS.

Last modified: Aug 22, 2017
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KU Center for MS Care

Landon Center
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MS Achievement Center

Comprehensive wellness programs for people with progressive MS.

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Wise MS
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