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Volunteer with GNO

Community Partners: We partner with members from the community so that the participants have opportunities to learn and practice social skills within a natural social setting. We are always looking for new community partners who would like to be involved with our program.

Peer Participants: We need responsible and energetic volunteers to participate in our GNO program to model, promote and facilitate skills development. We are looking for peer participants who are eager and willing to participate in all group activities and have the desire to learn more about individuals with disabilities.

Events and Fundraisers: We coordinate events within the community for past and present GNO participants. We are in need of volunteers who would like to help oversee these events as well as organizations that would allow us to participate in their events within the community.


Last modified: Sep 28, 2018
Ways to Get Involved with GNO

Participate in a GNO skills group

Become a community partner

Volunteer as a peer mentor

Attend a GNO sponsored activity or fundraising event