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Peer Partnerships

GNO Peer & ParticipantPeers are a critical component to the GNO program. Peer models are needed to help participants learn and practice new skills during age appropriate social and self-care activities. Peers model appropriate skills, learn how to promote social interactions and play a big role in helping empower girls with developmental disabilities reach their goals!


  • Demonstrate leadership and model appropriate skills and behaviors. 
  • Meet girls the same age and enjoy various activities in the community.
  • Improve leadership skills, empathy, & better understanding about working well with others.
  • Learn about autism and other developmental disabilities. 
  • Improve communication & other interpersonal skills.
  • Earn community service hours.
  • Complete training to help facilitate social and conversation opportunities and reinforce specific skills that girls learn and practice.




Last modified: Jul 11, 2018
Become a Peer

graphic of teen girls

Earn community service hours and become a leader and role model among girls your age! Complete the Peer Intake Form to be a peer in GNO.

Become a Partner School

Partner schools help make girls within school aware of our program and promote GNO as a community service option.

Partner School Packet coming soon!