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Specimen Availability

The BRCF is a cancer focused but non-disease or site specific collection resource for highly annotated human samples. Specimens are available to qualified researchers at KUMC and vetted collaborating institutions. 

Stored SamplesBlood collection tubes

  • Fresh frozen tissue (1mL aliquots) in -190C monitored liquid nitrogen vapor phase freezers
  • Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) tissue     
  • Blood products (1mL aliquots of buffy coats, plasma, viable lymphoctyes and serum) in -80C freezers
  • Isolated DNA
  • Urine
  • Saliva

Fresh Samples

Specimens maybe collected and dispensed fresh to onsite investigators, including: 

  • Tissue
  • Whole blood
  • Urine

The BRCF also collects samples unique to certain groups of patients such as: 

Sara Kendall

  • Bone marrow aspirates to support the Blood and Marrow Transplant Project. More information here
  • Whole PKD kidneys to support the PKD Research Biomaterials and Cellular Models Core. More information can be found here

Archived Samples

The repository may obtain FFPE material from the hospital archives. KUMC researchers are allowed to request FFPE material through iLab. Since BRCF staff accesses the hospital records sufficient amount of time should be alloted for case identification. It is the researcher's responsibility to communicate deadlines. 

Samples may be obtained by submitting a request through the online request and billing system iLab. More information about iLab and how to submit request on our Requests page

Additional Services

 The BRCF understands unique sample needs arise from time to time. Within reason special arrangements can be made to collect novel sample requirements. For unique needs, please contact 913-588-4765 or email We will make every effort to arrange consents and obtain collections if appropriate and feasible.


Any questions or discussion about services, which are best addressed in person, will be scheduled by Susan Ard. In order to comply with universal safety precautions, unannounced visitors are not permitted to enter lab. 


Samples presenting results for publication of any manuscript shall be mentioned in the acknowledgments. Policies for acknowledging the repository in manuscripts are described here

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018