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Clinical Trials Requests

The BRCF is pleased to launch the improved process of requesting histology services for clinical trials online through REDCap. This Study Coordinator Quick Start Guide explains the request process and overall workflow. 

Please note: This applies to requests for tissue and slides for internal KUMC Clinical Trials only. Outside institutions are required to contact the Deparment of Surgical Pathology directly with specimen requests for clinical trials. The repository is not authorized to process requests from non-KUMC clinical trials coordinators. If you wish to request de-identified samples, repository services, and/or histology services please follow the instructions on the Requests page. 

Request Histology Services for a Clinical Trial Microtome and slide

  1. Please fill out the request form in REDCap by clicking here with the following information:
    1. Clinical Trial HSC number
    2. Patient identifiers and Study ID (SID)
    3. Study Name
    4. Procedure type
    5. Surgical Pathology Report/Accession Number and Date of Surgery (DOS)
  2. Please note, logging into REDCap is not required to complete this form. Please just use the link above. 
  3. Again, this is not the proper pathway for clinical trials coordinators from outside facilities to obtain specimens. If information from an outside facility is entered into this form, it will not reach the appropriate individuals in the Department of Surgical Pathology to process the request. Contacting the Department of Surgical Pathology is the only method for obtaining specimens. 
  4. A confirmation the request is complete will appear on the screen with the option of supplying an email address for a confirmation email. The request will initially be sent to CTO lab members for additional information before entering the repository workflow. 
  5. Once the entire form is complete by all CTO staff members, the turnaround time for clinical trial requests is 3-5 days.

For CTO Lab Staff

Once the study coordinators complete the tissue request form, designated CTO lab staff will be notified to finish the request. This CTO Lab Quick Start Guide explains how to complete the rest of the request for surgical pathology. 


If additional assistance is needed, please contact Kylie Oertel at 913-588-1194 or  

Last modified: Nov 28, 2018