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Molecular Modeling Resources for Biochemistry

(* See also Recommended Helper Applications for Biochemical Web Browsing)

  • NIH Molecular Modeling Home Page, including an introductory on-line course on molecular modeling from the NIH
  • Roger Sayle's terrific shareware (PC, Mac, UNIX) protein 3D visualization program available at the RasMol Home Page at UMass
  • PDB Protein Data Bank (3D coordinates viewed with RasMol)
  • SCOP Structural (3D) Classification of Proteins
  • Swiss 3D Image server for generating mono or stereo 3-D images of known proteins
  • Protein Science Kinemages (protein 3D coordinates manipulated and viewed with downloadable MAGE program by Duke's David Richardson); all published Protein Science kinemages are on-line
  • Proteins Domain Motion 3D database at Stanford
  • Monosaccharides structures database
  • Klotho small biomolecule database (3D viewed with RasMol)
  • Internet resource for 3-D Stereo graphics
  • BioMagRes Bank databank for NMR parameters of proteins whose 3-D structure has been determined by NMR

Last modified: Sep 27, 2012