Scientific Partners

The Mass Spectrometry Laboratory of the University of Kansas Medical Center.

KUMC Genomics Core: research needs for NexGen sequencing and Microarray analysis through the Genome Sequencing Facility and Microarray Facility.

Please note: The Biotechnology Support Facility (BSF) is no longer providing Sanger DNA sequencing or DNA synthesis. These services are being outsourced and the BSF is being decommissioned. Access to the sequencing and synthesis services can be reached on the Genome Sequencing Facility web site noted above.

Entrez and Medline search at NCBI - Pedro's List- Harvard list of Keith Robison - Biologist's Control Panel- list of biochemistry related departments and sites - ExPASy Server - etc.

NIH Molecular Modeling Home Page - RasMol for protein 3D viewing - PDB Protein Data Bank - SCOP- Swiss 3D Image server - Protein Science Kinemages - Protein Domain Motion - Monosaccharides structures - Klotho small biomolecule database (3D) - BioMagRes Bank for NMR parameters- etc.

Primer on Molecular Genetics- Principles of Protein Structure from Birkbeck College - Kinemages for Branden and Tooze textbook on Protein Structure - NetBiochem Internet courseware - DIY Glycolysis Do-It-Yourself course - etc.

Protein Science - Journal of Biological Chemistry - Biophysical Journal - biochemical journals Tables of Contents - American Chemical Society publications - biochemical Journals List from Pedro's -
The Foundation Center - List of Federal Agencies on the Internet - Federal Web Locator - KUMC Reseach Institute - NIH home page - NSF home page - NIH grants and contracts - NIH Study Sections (searchable) - GrantsWeb Home Page - Templates for filling NIH forms in Word and WordPerfect - Community of Science Database - FEDIX educational-federal opportunities, including for minorities - BioTech Law Web Server -
WebElements Periodic Table - Science List Linda Hall Library- American Chemical Society Home Page - Chemical Abstracts Services - NMR and MRI pointers - Mathbrowse - Mathematics Resources on the Internet -

FASEB and on-line search of FASEB membership - Gordon Research conferences - Biophysical Society and Employment Listings- The Scientist newsletter and job listings - Chronicle of Higher Education gopher site for job openings

Recommended Helper Applications for Biochemical Web Browsing

RasMol for viewing PDB 3D protein coordinates - Mage for viewing Kinemages - ISIS/ChemDraw - etc.

Last modified: Mar 10, 2014