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Formal Seminars


Spring 2021 seminars will be presented virtually
(click on highlighted names to be directed to speaker's website)

 Date   Time

Speaker & Host


January 22  11:00 am  No seminar scheduled  
January 29  11:00 am  No seminar scheduled
February 5  11:00 am  No seminar scheduled
February 12  11:00 am

Olivia Veatch, Ph.D.                      University of Kansas Medical  Center(hosted by Dr. Joseph  Fontes)

 "Deciphering Clinically Meaningful   Genetic Effects Influencing Complex"  
February 19  11:00 am Lance A. Johnson, Ph.D
University of Kentucky
(hosted by Dr. Heather Wilkins)
February 26  11:00 am Swetha Murthy, Ph.D.                  Vollum Institute, Oregon H&SU (hosted by Dr. Lejla Zubcevic)     TBA
March 5  11:00 am Conor McCleneghan, Ph.D. Washington Univ. St. Louis (hosted by Dr. Lejla Zubcevic)     TBA
March 12  11:00 am No Seminar - Spring Break
March 19  11:00 am Benjamin Ryan
BMB Graduate Student
March 26  11:00 am Erin Young, Ph.D.
(hosted by Dr. Lejla Zubcevic)
April 2  11:00 am Andres Jara-Oseguera, Ph.D. NINDS, NIH & UT Austin (hosted by Dr. Lejla Zubcevic)    TBA
April 9  11:00 am No Seminar - Student Research Forum
April 16  11:00 am Kyle Baumbauer, Ph.D
Anatomy and Cell Biology
(hosted by Dr. Lejla Zubcevic)
April 23  11:00 am Griffin Welfer
BMB Graduate Student
April 30  11:00 am Lauryn Werner
BMB Graduate Student
May 7  11:00 am Mandeep Kaur
BMB Graduate Student

Past Formal Seminars



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