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  • Dr. Amy Whitaker, postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Bret Freudenthal's lab, was recently notified that the American Cancer Society will fund her grant entitled "APE1 cleansing of oxidatively damaged DNA ends".  The award includes a salary stipend and travel allowances.
  • Biochemistry Faculty members Dr. Mark Fisher, Dr. Alexey Ladokhin and Dr. Bret Freudenthal participated BioNexus KC's 2018 Science to Art Program.  The article in the Kansas City Biz Journal may be found here.  A direct link to the video may be found here.
  • Dr. Joe Fontes has been awarded a Chancellors Club Teaching Professorship.  This award recognizes sustained excellence in teaching and is awarded only to persons who have demonstrated outstanding teaching competence over an extended period of years.
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Graduate Students made a great showing at the 2018 Student Research Forum:
         Alex Machen (Fisher lab) received 1st place in her section for oral presentaion, 2nd place for the best overall oral presentation, and the
                 WIMS award for the best woman's oral presentation.
         Nicole Ellis (Freudenthal lab) received 1st place in her section for oral presentation
         Pierce O'Neil (Fisher lab) received the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Kimmel Award
         Miranda Machacek (Slawson lab) received the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Grisolia Award
  • Dr. Xiaogang Li was one of 5 faculty members of the University of Kansas to receive 2018 University Scholarly Achievement Awards.  This award recognizes significant scholarly or research acheivements for scholars in the middle of their careers.  Chancellor Girod will host the awards program on April 23.
  • At the 2018 Grande Affaire, held on January 20th, Dr. Chad Slawson was recognized as an Outstanding Lecturer for the First-Year class.
  • Dr. James Calvet was named a University Distinguished Professor on August 17, 2017.  Distinguished Professors are faculty who have made significant and sustained contributions to research, scholarship and teaching at the emdical center.  He will be honored with program and reception on February 22, 2018.
  • Dr. Brett Freudenthal was seclected by the 2016-17 IGPBS students as the top instructor for their class.
  • Nicole Ellis, graduate student in Dr. Brett Freudenthal's lab, was named the top student in the 2016-17 IGPBS class by the IGPBS faculty and IGPBS Advisory Board.
  • Max Fairlamb, graduate student, Dr. Brett Freudenthal's lab, was one of three graduate students who was awarded the Madison & Lila Self Graduate Fellowship.
  • Alexandra Machen, graduate student in Dr. Mark Fisher's lab, was awarded first place in the poster session at the Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics Workshop held at the University of Nebraska Medical Center on July 13, 2017.   
  • The Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Society (EMGS) has selected both Dr. Amy Whitaker and Mallory Smith, Dr. Bret Freudenthal's lab, to receive the EMGS Student and New Investigator Travel Award for 2017 to attend the EMGS annual meeting. This is a merit-based award in recognition of the excellence of your research, your research progress, and your promise as a long-term contributor to research in topics related to the mission of EMGS.

  • Dr. Amy Whitaker, Postdoctoral Fellow in Dr. Freudenthal's lab, placed second amongst postdoctoral scholars at the recent RPF Research Forum for her oral presentation titled "Capturing a mammalian DNA polymerase extending from an oxidized nucleotide".

  • A  department retreat was held on May 15, 2017. 
  • Jackie Thompson, graduate student in Dr. Gerald Carlson's lab, and Alexandra Machen, graduate student in Dr. Mark Fisher's lab, both won awards for their presentations at the 2017 Student Research Forum.  Jackie is the 2017 winner of the Joe R. Kimmel award and also won second place in her oral platform session.  Alex won first place in her oral platform session.
  • Alexandra Machen, graduate student in Dr. Mark Fisher's lab, was awarded a 2017 M&M Student Scholar Award for her paper entitled Single Particle CryoEM of the Anthrax Toxin Initial Engagmenet Complex. This award is sponsored by the Microscopy Society of America (MAS) and the Microanalysis Society (MAS).
  • At the 2017 Grande Affair, BMB faculty received 3 of the 7 Student Voice Awards voted by the M1 Students.  Honored as First Year Outstanding Lecturers were Dr. Joseph Fontes, Dr. Chad Slawson and Dr. Liskin Swint-Kruse.
  • Dr. Amy Whitaker, Postdoctoral Fellow in Dr. Freudenthal's lab, was nominated and elected to be the Co-chair of the 2019 Gordon Research Symposium of Mammalian DNA Repair.
  • Dr. Bret Freudenthal was the winner of the Environmental Mutagensis and Genomics Society 2016 Young Scientist Award Competition. As a result he will present a plenary talk at their meeting and received support for his lab to be able to attend. Dr. Freudenthal's entry video may be seen here.
  • Ed Phie Tan (Graduate Student, Slawson Lab) was a Best Thematic Poster winner at the April 2016 ASBMB meeting held in San Diego.  Her poster was "Elevated O-GlcNAcylation levels improve mitochondrial function"
  • An undergraduate student, Tony Flynn, who has been mentored in Dr. Bret Freudenthals's lab, was recognized as a Top Poster Presenter at the University of Saint Mary's Science and Math Undergraduate Research Forum for his structural studies of a polymorphism associated with cancer.
  • Two High School students who have been mentoring in Dr. Mark Fisher's lab were recently recognized for their work by Science Pioneers:
         Benjamin Deatherage  was recognized for his project "The construction of chaperonin dimers using biotinylated GroEL and StreptavidingScaffolds" with the Senior Chemistry, Pioneers in Science Award and Grand Award.  (1 of the 3 Grand Award Winners will compete in the National Science Fair)
         Roshan Bisarya's project "The use of an osmolyte misxure to prevent aggregation and promote chaperonin-assisted refolding of Green Fluorescent Protein" received a Project Display Award.
  • At the 2016 Student Research Forum banquet held on March 31,  Zhen Zhang (Slawson Lab) was announced as the Kimmel Award winner and Jackie Thompson (Carlson Lab) was judged to have given the second best talk in her session.  Congratulations!
  • Dr. Kenneth Peterson was announced as a recipient of the Chancellors Club Research Award on October 1, 2015.  Dr. Peterson's reseach has given hope to patients diagnosed with sickle cell disease and other genetic blood disorders.  Dr. Peterson has also had an active role in leadership at KUMC.
    Video from the ceremony may be seen here.
  • Dr. Chad Slawson was selected by the 2014-15 IGPBS students as the top instructor for their class. 
  • Pierce O'Neal (Fisher Lab) was named the top student in the 2014-15 IGPBS class by the IGPBS faculty and IGPBS Advisory Board. 
  • A Department Retreat was held April 22, 2015.  
         2015 Department Retreat
  • 7 Biochemistry Graduate Students presented at the 2015 Student Research Forum held on March 25.  Ee Phie Tan (Slawson Lab) was a Session Winner and Mary Ashley Rimmer (Carlson Lab) was the Kimmel Award Winner. 
  • Dr. Mark Fisher and Dr. Russ Swerdlow (Joint appt) were both recognized at the KUMC Faculty Research Day on October 30, 2014.  Dr. Fisher received the Thomas L. Noffisnger Investigator Award (awarded to the individual who received the highest ranking in his or her application to the Lied Endowed Basic Science Program through the KUMC Research Institute).  Dr. Swerdlow received the Chancellors Club Research Award (KUMC faculty who are recognized leaders and who have achieved national and international stature in their chosen fi elds of research).
  • A new article on Sickle Cell compounds by Dr. Ken Peterson, Professor and Vice Chair, was recently highlighted in KU Medical Center News (Sept. 18, 2104).
  • Jackie Thompson (graduate student, Carlson lab) and Zhen Zhang (graduate student, Slawson lab), were both recipients Biomedical Research Training Program Fellowships (Nov. 18, 2013).
  • Ee Phie Tan, graduate student in Dr. Chad Slawson's lab, is an awardee of a Mabel A. Woodyard Fellowship in Neurodegenerative Disorders.  Her selection was based on the quality of her science and potential as a neuroscience researcher.
  • Dr. Joseph Fontes was recongized with the Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award at the KU Teaching Summit on Aug 21, 2014.  Dr. Fontes is the director and a lecturer in the Foundations in Medicin module, the first course tuagh to first-year medical students. 
  • Santiago Grisolia, M.D., Ph.D., a former chair and professor emeritus of the department, was recently recognized by the King of Spain.  He is now the Marquis of Grisolia.  Juan Carlos I recognized Dr. Grisolia for his long and commendable career of teaching and research, and his contribution to scientific knowledge. 
  • Rushi Trivedi was the recipient of the 2014 Kimmel Award.  The Kimmel Award was announced during the Student Research Forum held April 2 - 4. 

  • Dr. Russ Swerdlow (Joint Appt - Neurology) was invested with the Gene and Marge Sweeny Professorship in Neurology by KU Endowment on November 18, 2013

  • Dr. Aron Fenton's article: "Are all regions of folded proteins that undergo ligand-dependent transitions targets for allosteric peptide mimetics?", Biopolymers, 2013, was selected by F1000 Prime for inclusion in their in-depth directory of top articles in biology and medicine. 

  • Two BMB students received awards at the recent 2013 Student Research Forum.  Zhen Zhang won the "Award for Best Presentation in Epigentics & Stem Cell Biology" and Dan Parente won the Joe R. Kimmel Award for Best Presentation in Biochemistry.

  • The research of Dr. Mark Fisher was featured at the University Research & Entrepreneurship Symposium held on April 3, 2013, in Cambridge, Mass.  Dr. Fisher is developing new techologies to address protein-folding diseases. 

  • Dr. Owen W. Nadeau was the First Author on the Journal of Biological Chemistry's Best Paper of 2012 in Computational Biology:  Structure and Location of the Regulatory β Subunits in the (αβγδ)4 Phosphorylase Kinase Complex.  Owen W. Nadeau, Laura A. Lane, Dong Xu, Jessica Sage, Timothy S. Priddy, Antonio Artigues, Maria T. Villar, Qing Yang, Carol V. Robinson, Yang Zhang, Gerald M. Carlson, J Biol Chem Oct 26, 2012; 287: 36651-36661

  • Dr. Joe Fontes was awarded the 2012 Ruth Bohan Teaching Professorship at the 2012 School of Medicine Annual Faculty Retreat held on November 9, 2012.  The Ruth Bohan Teaching Professorship is the most prestigious teaching award in the School of Medicine. The award recognizes excellence in teaching and seeks to continue the tradition of outstanding education in the medical school.


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