Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Our mission is to:

  • provide a dynamic research environment with programs in the disciplines of biochemistry and molecular biology
  • provide a superior educational experience for graduate students and medical students
  • provide a rich training environment for postdoctoral fellows
  • provide service to our institution and community

Our areas of research strength include:

  • Regulation of gene expression, emphasizing but not limited to transcription regulation.
  • Protein folding and structure determination.
  • Allosteric regulation of protein function.
  • Signal transduction

Our faculty members are associated with a variety of cross-disciplinary centers within the university, including  The Kidney Institute, the COBRE for Protein Structure and Function, the COBRE for Novel Approaches for Control of Microbial Pathogens, the COBRE for Molecular Regulation of Cell Development and Differentiation, the Cancer Center and the Institute for Fetal Maternal Biology. 

Core services are available, which includes:  a transgenic mouse facility; a biotechnology support center that offers DNA synthesis, sequencing, and microchip analysis; a state-of-the-art mass spectrometry facility; in-house x-ray crystallographic equipment; and a variety of spectro­scopy and calorimetry instruments, including advanced fluorescence equipment. 

Last modified: Nov 26, 2013
Upcoming Events

Formal Seminars
October 28th
Christopher Stipp, Ph.D., University of Iowa
Title: "Alpha3 Beta1 Integrin is Abl to Help Hippo Inhibit Prostate Cancer Metastasis"

Literature Seminars
October 26th
Speaker: Matthew Parker

Heartland Undergraduate Biochemistry Forum (HUB)
The 2016 HUB Forum will be held November 12th
Guest Speaker: Dr. Susan S. Taylor
Professor, Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry and Dept of Pharmacology, University of California, San Diego.  Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator.  Member National Academy of Sciences and Institute of Medicine.  Past president of American Society or Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB)
Keynote address: "cAMP-dependent Protein Kinase and Protein Phosphorylation"