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Module 5

Your daily asthma self-management is centered on an Asthma Action Plan. This plan will guide your day-to-day asthma self-management.

You need your asthma action plan that your physician's office has created for you.

Your asthma action plan will be the main tool you need in order to take control of your asthma. It will contain your triggers, peak flow measurement, medications, symptoms to watch for, and when to call your physician office. The asthma action plan will include three zones that identify how your asthma control is doing. These three zones include the Green, Yellow, and Red zones. Make sure you review your asthma action plan thoroughly so you know exactly what to do when your symptoms and peak flow are getting worse.

You will now make sure your Asthma Action Plan is complete

  • General Information: This is your information. 
  • Severity Classification: Your dcotor's office will identify your level of asthma severity.
  • Triggers: Check any triggers that affect your asthma if they are not already checked.
  • Exercise: List the recommended premedication, if any, before exercise or competition. Also, list any modifications to exercise or pre-exercise warm-up.
  • List you Peak Flow Meter Personal Best: Review the proper way to measure your Peak Flow and enter you best measurement (from Module 1).

To Do:

  • Study your asthma action plan.
  • Make sue to take your Asthma Action Plan to your doctor visit.
  • Take the quiz, Test your knowledge on how to self-manage your asthma.

IMPORTANT: You should have an Asthma Action Plan that was provided to you by your physician's office that helps you with your asthma.

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018