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Tips for Controlling Asthma

The KU Asthma Center's goal is to help you control asthma symptoms. Many people become accustomed to living with their asthma symptoms. We want to help people with asthma gain control of their breathing problems. Here are some tips for taking control of your asthma symptoms:

Tips for controlling your asthma:

1.  Understand your level of asthma control by taking a short asthma control quiz

2.  Make sure you take your medications as prescribed by your doctor. Also, it's very important you understand how to take your medications properly. If you need a reminder on proper use of your medications or delivery devices, visit the American Lung Association

3.  Make sure you do your best to avoid things that trigger your asthma.

4.  Follow the Asthma Action Plan you developed with your provider.

5.  If you need to visit the emergency department or hospital for your asthma, follow-up with your provider within the weeks after you are discharged.

6.  You can help control your asthma symptoms by regular exercise and proper nutrition.

7.  Obviously, avoid smoking and stay clear of second hand smoke.  

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Last modified: Sep 28, 2018