Resident's Room

A place of your own, the Resident's Room is provided by the Department of Anesthesiology to allow you and your fellow residents space to confer, study and relax. There is a library of major texts and journals covering anesthesiology, physiology, pharmacology, internal medicine, surgery and other anesthesia related specialties. This is just one of several Library Services available at Kansas University.

The Resident's Room is located just a few steps away from the Operating Rooms. A big screen is provided so that residents may watch medical conferences transmitted within the hospital during the day, and for the entertainment of call teams during call when clinical duties are completed.

The Resident's Room is the gathering place, where special friendships develop, and where discussions among colleagues which will enhance your learning experience take place routinely.

Our Chief Residents will be happy to chat with you or answer any questions you might have regarding the Anesthesiology Residents Program at KU.

Last modified: Sep 13, 2013